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  1. Ok Thanks. Should I send a copy of the letter to the DCA though.
  2. Hi. It says "will". Just spoken to them....oops...Told them that I was in dispute for this payment. I will post them a copy of the letter I sent yesterday. Should I get in touch with the courier firm again?
  3. Hello again. Another development. Sent of the letter recorded delivery yesterday afternoon. However this morning I received a letter from a DCA (Thomas Higgins Partnership) asking me to pay the full amount. The main paragraph in the letter said: "We must advise you that unless payment is received in settlement of this account within 7 days from the date of this letter proceedings will be commenced for the principle sum interest and court costs without further notice to you" I have tried to call them but it just says "all operators are busy. Please call later". Any advise on my n
  4. Thanks ever so my for the replies. I will amend my letter and get it sent off.
  5. I have drafted this reply letter to them. Very inexperienced at this sort of this so any comments would be great: Dear Sir/Madam I am writing to you regarding our recent telephone conversation about the £315 you are requesting from me. This amount is due to alleged oversized parcels sent during November and December 2008. I have just received the invoices from UPS to yourself and I am disgusted that you are heavily overcharging me for this situation. On average you have been invoiced £29.37 from UPS for each of the 7 parcels concerned. As I have already paid £10.05 for each o
  6. Hi. An update on the situation above. I asked the courier company to provide proof of the oversized parcels. They sent me the invoices from the company that they use to send the parcels (UPS). Basically I have been charged £45 (£30 from UPS and £15 admin fee) each for 7 different parcels(Total = £315) . When I looking at the UPS invoices they have charged the courier firm £29.37 each parcel. As I have already paid about £15 each when I booked the service I see this a a substantial amount of overcharging. I have drafted a letter stating these reasons I am not going to pay the amount owed.
  7. They sais that the parcels get checked at the depot after collection and before delivery. The driver doesn't check them at the collection address. If they were to big i would have thought they would contact me and not deliver them until paid the extra. Not sure what to do. They are sending me a letter in the next day or so. From what is said above I am suggesting seeing if the letter has any proof of my oversized parcels. If not then I will write back asking for it. I could also say that if this case is esculated to a DCA then, as SURFBOY says, I will inform the DCA that I am currently i
  8. I paid before the collection over the internet. You input the size and weight and it calculates it for you. They are now saying that the parcel was bigger than I stated. It may have been. Obviously i can't remember but can they really chase me up 8 months down the line and threaten me with Debt Collection if I don't pay within a few days?
  9. Hi. They are an internet courier firm. I booked and paid for a collection online. The driver arrived the next day and took the parcels. The driver didn't mention anything. I know it was a while ago but i would have remembered if he had make a fuss. They all got delivered without a problem.
  10. Hello all. I am new here but I am desperate for advice. I got a phone call today from a courier company I sent a few parcels with last December. They said that the parcels were oversized and I now owe the £345. If I don't something by Monday they will get the Debt collecters involved. They also said that they have written to me about this a few months ago but I didn't get anything from them through the post. Surely they can't be serious. This was over 8 months ago. I am really worried what to do about this. Thanks in advance
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