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  1. Cheers spamheed, Looking at the statement of the account that I got with the CCA information I know the amout that they have charged me for these letters and this the amount the AK are trying to recover, so I have not paid the charges yet. can I get them written off using the same procedure as reclaiming bank charges or do I have to use a different procedure?
  2. I have a loan account with GE capital, which is being chased by Aktiv Kapital, I have CCA'd them and finally got back the information, but on the statement of the account it shows that all the payments were made, but 2 in 2003 were late so The debt is charges for letters, GE capital are charging £20 for a letter, Is there anything that I can do about these charges. Any help would be much appreciated.
  3. Can anybody help me with this please, I really want to get this sorted, does anyone know if I can do anything about these charges for the letters, as I said the loan was fully paid off and Its just the charges for the letters that they are chasing, any advice would be appreciated, Thanks
  4. Just to clarify, it is GE Capital who are charging me for the letters £140 worth of them, all dating back to 2003, I know you were able to claim back charges from the banks etc, but is there anything I can do in this case.
  5. An update on what happening. I have now received from AK the documentation from the CCA request and all the prescribed terms appear to be on it so it looks valid. However on the statement for the account i have noticed that the outstanding debt is made up of charges for letters. At the start of the loan in 2003 a couple of payments were recalled by the bank but were later paid, and all of the payments were completed and the full loan amount paid off. Now is there anything I can do about the charges for the letters, I know the amount I owe isn't massive but I do not see why I should pay for £20
  6. Thanks cerberusalert, just to confirm then that even though Wescot has closed the account the account is still in dispute with them.
  7. After sending Wescot the account in dispute letter, I have today received a letter saying that they have closed the account and passed it back to the client. What happens now if another DCA comes to try and collect the alleged debt, is the account technically still in dispute with Wescot even though they have closed the account, or do I have to go through the whole requesting a CCA actions again with the new DCA.
  8. That makes me feel a bit better, however BCW seemed to have completely ignored the account in dispute letter that I sent them. It seems obvious that Aktiv Kapital can't supply the requested CCA and gave passed it on to BCW, which they shouldn't have done. I just want to stop these threats by BCW and issue a few of my own, and if required report them.
  9. Unfortunatley I am unable to scan the letter at the moment but I will type what it says We refer to previous correspondance regarding our clients Aktiv Kapital UK limited and regret to note that your debt, in the sum of £140.00 remains outstanding. Since you have failed to notify us of any legitimate reason for non-payment we can only assume that you do not wish to settle this matter amicably. Accordingly this letter should be accepted as a final notice that unless payment is made immediatley, we shall seek to commence legal proceedings against you, with the payment of interest
  10. The Saga continues, I have sent the Account in dispute letter to BCW by recorded delivery, which I sent on the 18th. However today I have received a Final Notice from BCW stating that unless I pay up they will start legal proceedings against me. I have still had nothing through from Aktiv Kapital reference the CCA. Is there Final warning letter that I can send BCW as they obviously dont understand or decided to ignore the account in dispute letter. Any advice greatly appreciated.
  11. Many Thanks. Its very confusing and frustrating, as it has been said many, many times on this site DCA's hold very little regard for the rules and do as they please.
  12. With reference to this the account does not go into dispute until the 16th of October, therefore what do I do in the mean time with BCW do I ignore them, send them a CCA request, or is there something else that I can send them.
  13. This is probably just me being exceedingly thick, but if I posted out a CCA request on the 29th September 2009 on what date would the Account become in dispute. I work it out to be 15th October, but I want to get this right as I dont want the DCA to wriggle out of it be me giving the wrong information to them. As im sure they would take great delight in pointing something like this out.
  14. So BCW are not solicitors. I thought that they were by the langauge they were using in the letter i.e that they have been instructed by Aktiv Kapital to recover the debt. That make me feel less nervous about this. I will send BCW the recommended letter and se what comes of if. Mind you i did think it was a bit funny them offering special offer payment terms. Thanks for the information.
  15. I have Aktiv Kapital chasing me on behalf of GE Capital. i I had a loan of them and at the end of the agreement i was told that i had missed one payment, i was fairly sure that i had not and told them to prove it and then it all went away. Now a couple of years later Aktiv pipe upasking for £140, I have put in a CCA request to Aktiv Kapital 10 days ago. However this morning i get a letter from Buchanan clark and wells solicitor sting that the have been instructed by Aktiv Kapital to recover the debt and havemade a formal denad for the money, and are threatening legal proceedings. do I just wai
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