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  1. Did you get anywhere with your BNPl early settlement/refund of interest query that you posted a question about in 2013?
  2. You will probably find that if you go for that the County Court route that they will settle before the court date, they did for us.
  3. We made the 'mistake' of taking out 100 wks buy now pay later terms with Great Universal, all seemed good at the time until I worked out how much it increased the cost of goods by, almost 40% over the term. Whilst it is clear from T&C's that if you pay off the items before the BNPL offer kicks in that no interest will be charged, what is not clear is what you would pay if you cleared the balance after it has started i.e. in month 1 of the 100 weeks. The T&C's are on the link below and are not clear on this point Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions I have also asked for clarification from GUS but their response is not at all clear. Does anyone have experience of doing this with Great Universal or any other catalogue company in the same group
  4. Having just got a copy of my Experian credit report was horrified to find that all the credit card companies have been posting details of number of cash withdrawels and the amount of those withdrawels. What concerns me is that none of the companies that I use have either told me that they were changing the information shared or indeed warned me that cash withdrawels on a credit card could affect my credit rating. I wrote to one of the companies they said this is now industry standard by CAIS sharing companies. Why shouldn't they warn me that a transaction will affect my credit rating as they have to when carrying out a search.
  5. I have just received a copy of my Experian Credit report to find that the credit card companies are now posting information on when I have made cash withdrawels and for how much. Since when has this been reasonable use of information, doesn't this go beyond what they should be putting on there?
  6. I got a copy of my credit file via checkmyfile.com, when I looked at the call credit entry I noticed there were errors on it. I emailed them on 4th June, no reply, sent a letter on 11th June, no reply and sent a fax last week, still no reply. I have now had to pay £12 so I can send them a message via their website, when I got the copy of my file via their site I noticed that a default was still showing 6 years and 1 day after the default date. According to the ICO booklet on credit information it should only be lept for six years. Some of you probably think I am being petty but the defaults have blighted my life for last six years
  7. Quick question on claiming statuatory interest... Can I only claim interest on amounts due from six years ago or is it six years from when the account was closed? i.e. If an account was opened in 2001 but closed in oct 2003, can I only claim interest on the transactions between June 2003 and Oct 2003?
  8. I believe that the only way to get a default removed is it it was in the required format containing prescribed information. Problem is that unless you have a copy of the original documents that were sent you Egg do not keep copies and cannot send a copy.
  9. Update Finally got a response to my SARN, a massive bundle of documents running into about 500 pages, included was the CCA etc that they haven't been able to find for the past year. Went through and was only one charge in six years, not worth claiming back so bit the bullet and paid the 75% (£1820) they wanted to satisfy the account. Saves me over £600 in the long run but at least it is now resolved with a letter from them saying that it is closed and they will not pursue me for the remaining £600 and that it will be marked as satisfied on my credit file. Only another £19,857 to go
  10. Sorry, another default notice question. If there is a legal requirement for default notices to have certain things on them such as the amount that has to be paid and the timescales to remedy, why is it that the bank doesn't have to prove that they sent a default with these items on them and can refuse to send a copy of said notice.
  11. But if you apply for credit and they ask for addresses for previous 3 years and you have lived at same address for over 3 years will they look for any other addresses beyond that date?
  12. If that is the case why don't all accounts show under my current address rather than previous addresses? My argument is that I have never had an open account with Egg at my current address or a default registered at this address. Thats apart from the default amount being incorrect as it contains unlawful penalty charges.
  13. Having a few problems with Egg. I put in a Subject Information Request in July and they have sent nothing despite acknowledging that they got the letter and subsequently cashed the cheque on 28th July. I have just checked my credit file and the account is now showing at my current address despite the default being registered in July 2003, I moved to this address in Feb 2006. Are they allowed to do this as the record with the CRA is now incorrect as I couldn't have been served a default at this address as I didn't live there until 2.5 years later.
  14. No they don't, however if it is in your terms and conditions that they do abide by the banking code then surely they are in breach of contract if they don't. Its not something that they can opt in and out of as it suits them.
  15. granthar

    SAR request

    If it is a legal requirement that they comply with this why do I have to fork out money to take them to court?
  16. -------------- I thought it was in the banking code that they can't default an account that is in dispute? Though I can't see it in the latest release.
  17. granthar

    SAR request

    I sent an S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) request to Egg which they received on 28th July, the check cleared on 30th July. I sent them an email reminding them they have to comply within 40days to which they replied "we know we have 40 days to respond" However the 40 days has now expired and I haven't received anything. What do I do now? is there a template letter for raising a complaint with the information commissioner?
  18. Egg wouldn't supply the CCA as they said they didn't have to and if it went to court that they would ague they didn't need one as the fact that I had made payments prove the debt is mine. Account was opened 2000.
  19. Who would it be best to offer it to? Moorcroft have put the account on hold.
  20. I have an account with Egg, was defaulted 5 years ago and I currently owe £2500, I have been making monthly payments since then reducing it from £9700. I spoke with Moorcroft, the DCA dealing with the account who said that Egg may accept full and final of £2K. I had asked Egg for a copy of my CCA, which Egg refused to provide, now after asking Moorcroft they have put the account on hold as its unenforceable as they have missed the deadlines for providing the CCA. Given that Egg can't enforce it do you think their is any mileage in offering £1000 in full and final whilst reminding them that it is unenforceable?
  21. Another quick question... If Egg can,t produce a CCA then surely they then don't have my permission to share my information with other agencies?? Has anyone tried to get a default removed, or even all their information removed on this basis?
  22. Egg Card Services Riverside Road Pride Park Derby DE99 3GG I had a letter back from Egg saying that they didn't have to produce a CCA and if it went to court they would argue that the fact that I had been making payments meant I had accepted the debt.
  23. The DCA working for Egg have now put the account on hold after Egg refused to send a copy of the CCA. On the question of defaults, Egg issued a default which is fair enough as I was going through a divorce and was making reduced payments. Two questions, following the credit card charges case can I ask that the default or amount of default is amended because it is made up of illegal charges applied by Egg? Secondly can I ask that they remove the default notice as it breached the banking code? namely para 13.6 Para 13.6 of the banking code states very clearly the conditions which must exist before personal data will be passed to the Credit Reference Agencies under the contractual permission to share data with third parties:- You must be behind with your payments The debt must not be in dispute The bank must have given you a formal demand with reasonable time to respond Your response must be unacceptable to the bank My response was acceptable as they accepted payments from me. Anyone tried this?
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