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  1. Thanks, I've read the info on TrueCall - excellent idea, but from what I gathered it mainly works on landlines, right? I didn't give any institution my landline so they're only pestering me on my mobile. I'll investigate further if a mobile/online version is available. Thanks for your help!
  2. Continuing from my previous thread from February. NW have lost my CCA and I've now managed to close my current a/c from which the loan re-payments were being deducted. I've sent then an 'Account in dispute' letter, told them that if no agreement is produced I'll see this matter as closed. Since then they've sent me the following letter and keep calling me everyday (being rude so I don't answer my phone any more) demanding payments. Anybody has an idea what to do next? Can I report them to the FSA or Fin Ombudsman? Not sure how to attach the pdf, so let's hope the below works. NW corresp
  3. Hi Madjjd, Your dispute sounds like a real nightmare, I wouldn't know what advice to give as I'm completely new to this. My argument with NW started when I decided not to make further loan repayments to them (loan w/NW, repayments our of NW current a/c). I did that because I found out that they don't have the original CCA. I knew this will cause havoc but as I'm going deeper into debts by trying to repay existing loans, I decided to call it a day. I have now sent them the 'In dispute' letter, as well as 'Account closure' letters and await to hear from them. I don't think they have the rig
  4. Hi Madjjd, Thanks for your reply and this is exactly the situation I'm in at the moment. I cancel online and they re-instate it without my permission a while later. I'm going to send them a letter, but doubt if it'll make any difference. I think I'll send a copy of the letter to my branch as well as the body dealing with my account. I will use Comebackjimmy's template. Is your dispute still going or did you manage to resolve it? Did you contact the FSA or another body? I agree, NW sucks!
  5. I don't think there is, but I'll check. I want to send them the letter asap cause the next loan payment is on Tuesday. I have asked them to remove my overdraft facility and paid off my credit card. I'll keep an eye out on any posts/comments. Thanks!
  6. Thanks a lot, and with your permission I will use your template. I have cancelled all payments into and out of the account, so this works perfectly for me.
  7. I've ran into trouble with Nat West. They refused to close my account! They said that they need to continue taking the loan repayments, despite me cancelling the DD and objecting to them taking the payment. That's bound to be illegal, right?! Does anyone have a good letter template to send to them? If not than I'm sure I can come up with something. Thanks
  8. That's excellent, I'll tweak the letter a bit and it will work perfectly. Many thanks
  9. Hi, This is very helpful and thanks very much for comenting on various issues. The loan is with NW and I also have a current account with them, from which I made payments. I ran the account well and always made the repayments on time. I sent them the CCA request last summer and got a reply within a few weeks. I didn't know what to do with it and kept paying off my loan, but I'm really fed up with paying half of my salary towards debts and decided to do something about it in the New Year. I have now cancelled all DDs from my NW account and I'm transfering my salary to my HSBC acc
  10. Hi everyone, I've taken a loan with Nat West some 3 years ago. Last summer I decided to check with the bank if they still have the original signed agreement. I found out that they didn't. As I'm struggling to meet the loan repayments I've decided to dispute the loan with NW. In the meantime I cancelled my monthly DD which they re-instated without my permission. I complained and this is the letter they sent me in response. Not sure how to proceed now. Any help would be much appreciated. This is the letter: Thank you for your telephone call of 19th January 2010. I am sorry you were u
  11. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and to recovering my debts, so not sure what to do next. I've sent a request for loan agreement from three banks I have loans with, one came back with my signed agreement (Cahoot), second didn't respond at all (Alliance & Leicester and it's been over a month) and the third (Nat West) came back saying they can't find my signed agreement. I should add that I've been duly paying off my loans for two years, and still have two more years to go. Can I get some money back? These were loans for several thousands of pounds. Your advice will be much app
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