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  1. i have recently been diagnosed with hypoglycemia and somebody told me that i could claim dla 4 this. does anybody know if this is true or not?? thanx
  2. yeah i have spoken to a mortgage advisor who says that unless the rate dramaticaly shoots up then i shouldnt worry as im on a quite high rate as it is 7.66 and their variable is currently 6.8 so i would be better off but i think i just paniked myself as my partner is in the building trade and not much room for extra mortgage payments. thanx 4 replys peeps
  3. just realised after thinking about my mortgagge that my fixed rate ends in april. my rate is just above their variable rate. i dont have much equity and i have a 4grand early repayment fee. any suggestions?
  4. i have a mortgage with kensington mortgages and am on a fixed rate repayment. does anybody know if i would be able to get a repayment holiday with them or had any experience of this? thanx
  5. sorry if i sound a lil daft but waht does bump mean? im not really very gud at this. ta
  6. hi all. does anybody know of the compensation schemes or companies that are claiming that if you got your mortgage through a broker you can claim back some of the commision that they made from you? any help thank you ;-)8)
  7. sorry if this sound a little dumb, but can you please explain what you mean by this as i do not understand! and aslo how do i find out if i was given a notice of assignment as i havnt kept all letters and am not sure. thanx
  8. the have recieved one payment from them n its nearly time for another so they r fairly new on the scene:)
  9. erm......they dont accept dd or standing orders? yes they do because ive had a standing order with them myself! bunch of bloody liars!!! gud luck
  10. i phoned my dmc and they said that they would ring ruthbridge and sort them out, also they would ring me back and let me knw what they say! if they still insist on this course of action then i think i would get it below 750 just to be on the safe side!!! thanx everyone!
  11. :)also what can i do one i hace paid off my debts to bring my credit file back to normal? what will the effects of this be?
  12. hi, does anyone know where i can find out if there is a ccj agains my debt( was hiding my head in the sand for a while and not too sure). do you have to pat eyc thanx:confused:
  13. hi has anyone heard that if you got your mortgage through a broker then you can claim some compensation back based on the commission that the broker recieved on your mortgage! if so any comments? ta:)
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