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  1. Hi steven4060 I haven't got a clue how to tackle a spreadsheet. Any advice? Ramseur
  2. Hi all (I hope steven4064 is around) I have a Trust Online report which states: "Nothing Registered." This was for my previous address in which I lived for 26 years. I then have my Experian Crdit File for the last 6 years at my pesent address: which is also clean. As stated, the opposing solicitor has informed me that his client have not got a copy of any Judgement in their possession. What I want to know is this: If a Judgement was in existence, what would the creditor have to do if that Judgement had lain dormant for longer that 6 years? Does the creditor have to return to Court and ask for it to be re-activated? My last request is this: I have already asked steven4064 about interest calculations. I have got to put a figure on my claim on Monday 21/09/2009. This is my calculation 1920*0.00022 = 0.4224 = 0.4224 * 5840 (Days) = £2466.82 Then £1920 + £2466.82 = £4386.82 Have I got this correct? Ramseur
  3. Hi Deb T i am not claiming causation of a heart attack, as I already have chronic heart failure. Any unexpected event, losing my temper etc can bring about a heart episode. When I phoned the DCA the operative would not listen to me, and when I told him I was experiencing difficulty in breathing - he just laughed, I lost my temper and ended up in hospital. Ramseur
  4. Steven4064 OK I have done that "Nothing Registered." Do I show that to the Judge? Ramseur
  5. Hi all I would appreciate any help with preparing to sue a debt collection agency. I am a 70 year old with chronic heart failure, and if I become too excited I am concerned about my heart. Central to my argument is the existence/ non existence of a Judgement. This debt collection agency has been accepting a payment from me for 16 years. I believed it was being credited to a true Judgement - but they credited the money to some other Judgement - that was not mine. When I found out what was happening I hit the roof. They have always claimed that they had a Judgement and they had the authority to credit whichever account they wanted. I have now found out, they never did possess a Judgement, the believed they had. How do I explain that to a Judge? Ramseur
  6. Steven4064 Thank you so much. Ramseur
  7. Steven4064, Is there any chance that you might help me with the preparation of the case? Ramseur
  8. Hi Steven 4064, I visited the Court in person. I was informed by the clerk to see a solicitor, she said that all cases were cleared after six years. It was when I told her the date was 1991 - she was shocked. The Judgement under review is not mine. Ramseur
  9. Hi I now need urgent help. On Monday, I am commencing Court proceedings against a debt collection agency, Today, I received this email from the oppositions' solicitor. Quote "My client does not hold a copy of the Judgements. This does not mean that the Judgements do not exist. You claim that the Judgement should have been paid some years ago. If this was correct there would be no reason why you continued to make payments after the time where you believed thatthe debt had been paid. No further correspondence will be entertained as we believe your questions have been addressed. Further emails in the frequency and tone of previous communications will result in our instruction to obtain injuntive relief against you. Unquote As you will remember, central to my case was the question, "Have you a Judgement in your possession?" This solicitor is telling me that they have not got a Judgement, but they believe that one exists. He knows that on Monday, I commence proceedings against his client, and he is accepting that a Judgement does not exist!!!! Am I missing something? Ramseur
  10. Here we go How do I make this image larger? Ramseur. The Termination Rights: "You have the right to end this agreement. If you wish to do so, you should write to the person authorised to receive payments. We will be intitled to the return of googs and to half the total amount payable under this agreement and that is £5040." At That time, I had paid far more. Ramseur
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