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  1. Thanks for your reply Amozonia, yes it's been a tough time, I've been playing the waiting game at the moment, Bank has tried to sell the debts on to various organizations who have all been surprisingly patient as soon as I tell them our circumstances and the fact that the debts are in dispute. It amazes me that the Banks would rather sell the disputed debt,(for something like 10p in the pound), than sort it. Still, I would very much like to hear how you get on with litigation. If I had the resources I would go a similiar route. Just to bring attention and hopefully justice to the thousands o
  2. Thanks Bankfodder for your insights. Our assets are minimal/non existant, and your notes on bankruptcy are logical. It just annoys me so much that she has to take this course,when she acted in good faith and was placed in an impossible situation by the actions of a bank, who as you so politely put it, 'has no personal stake and doesn't really care'. Oh well, such is life, (cruel as it is sometimes). Would love to have tipped my lance at a big windmill, show others who face similiar problems that there is justice... I will, instead, concentrate on making bankruptcy as painless as
  3. Thanks for your reply Klandestine. Appologies for letting off steam. It's just very frustrating. I have fully completed discussions with the Ombudsman, who although sympathetic sided with the bank, 'they cannot consider possible legal issues, have stated that the bank have made errors, and more or less suggested that I accept their appologies and their offer to repay interest'. I do fully understand that In the right situation, consolidating a persons/bussiness' debts is a viable and useful financial tool (I use to be a Commercial finance broker). Yes I do understand that the banks a
  4. Thanks again citizenB for your time, I do appreciate it very much. By the way have been reading your notes on HSBC. It is so sad that people put so much trust in these organizations. only to be stitched up and left for the vultures to pick at. A lot has been said about PPi mis-selling but this consolidation loan/managed loan [problem] has to be stopped. Selling loans to a person in debt is like selling a bullet proof vest to someone standing in front of a firing squad. You know they'll sign anything to get them out of immediate danger. Who wouldn't!
  5. Thanks citizenB I have not as yet gone down the SAR route, and don't know what it would achieve even if they could not find a copy of the 'Personal Financial plan'. Is there anything you can suggest. It is obvious from my wifes current acount statements of the time that she was some £100 short of the monthly repayments. She had increased her borrowing on overdraft and credit a number of times prior to the consolidation loan and was clearly severly struggling. The debts were in the region of £17000 and that was the consildation loan amount. This has reduced to £13000 but the credit card an
  6. Why can a bank be brought to justice for mis-selling PPi when their mis-selling tactics on consolidation loans can prove much more harmful? There must be thousands of people who were pressured into this by greedy salesman more interested in their comission than giving customers best advice. I would love to conduct a survey of bank customers and find out if this is a 'banking normal practice', ( I strongly suspect that it is). What can we do to stop it. There must be something...
  7. Hi citizenB thanks so much for your swift response. Yes my wife was told that the bank would clear these debts and the bank have admitted their mistake. They have yet to state in writing that they mis-sold theconsolidation loan. They cannot find the original/copy of the financial planner whic was completed by the salesman at the original interview. However they haveadmitted mywifes income was insuffacient to manage the loan. I persued the case to the Ombudsman proper. No she did not take out PPI. She is very niave and trusted the bank over and above my advice. They did 'advise' her
  8. Have been an avid reader of CAG for some years and am interested to know your thoughts on mis-selling of consolidation loans. We are well aware of the PPI scandal. But of even greater harm is the banks mis-selling of conslidation loans. My wife was sold one 'under best advice', when she clearly had insufficient income to manage it. Lloyds have admitted this. They also stated in their 'agreement that they would be responsible for clearing any lloyds group debts from the consolidation loan. (Credit card/overdraft). They neglected to do this. My wife, being
  9. Hi Nottslad thanks for the advice. Very much appreciated. I have contacted EDF who stated that they could fit a 'check' switch for a fee, paid up front! They also stated that according to their record our usage has been more or less constant over the last 10 years. (strange since the property was unoccupied for six months a few years ago) I did a seven hour check and found that during this time the 'economy 7 meter increased by 1 unit, whilst the normal rate meter increased by 24, (the approx' usage of household appliances was approx, 4.5 units during the 7 hour period), le
  10. Hi everyone first timer so be gentle, please In 2008 EDF energy replaced our old meter with a new dital readout one. We continued topay our bills and everything seemed fine. Up until a few months ago I didn't really bother about bills,(very good income). Unfortunately, poor health has put an end to that so recently I looked very hard at what we were spending and where. I noticed that the red 'ON' light indicating the storage heater had power going to it was coming on at 8.00pm and going off at 3.00am. EDF operate there economy 7 tarrif from 10.30pm - 12.30 am then 3.30am - 8.30 am.
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