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  1. No, the court does not see vouchers as money so you can insist of full refund of real monies.
  2. Ive always thought you cant beat lastminute.com
  3. Issue proceddings, that if nothing else will speed up the process. It will also ensure you get a refund, these large companies will not want to go to court for such a small matter. Claim the lot as well. Call their bluff.
  4. You cannot be held responsible for events that occur outside your control, we rent out our caravan and if I were you I would use your descretion with this person, but there is certainly no legal basis for you to have to refund any monies.
  5. If they have lied to you about the model year then you can reject the goods outright for breach of contract, assuming you have an agreement which states the make, model and year. If so then ask for a full refund. If they are members of the bh and hpa then you can appeal to them for help. To any other caravan buyers, do not ever buy a caravan from a site that does not give you a genuine licence agreement from the bh and hpa or the NCC (national caravan council). If you do then you have virtually no protection. Sounds like a pretty awful site to me.
  6. Regarding point 300 I agree with all, its been done to death now and will decend into pointless bickereing so I would shut it down. I agree with Happy Larry, we all know the fees have to be paid on time, we all know the consequences of not paying, he was given an extended deadline and missed that, so he got pulled. Really should have paid on time, if he then agreed a new date he should of met it, what else could Golden Sands do? I personally do not want owners on the park who have not paid their site fees, I have to pay mine and I dont want to subsidise others who dont. This is a l
  7. You are wrong about RedRebel, the extra 12 month season was not even announced until June. RedRebel left in May becuase he didnt pay his original site fees that we due in March. I guess the finance stuff is something the FSA should pick up with the major bank lenders then. Like I said it doesnt say anything at all in my agreement about commision so we should not just assume that there was any?
  8. What rules are you talking about that some people have to stick to and some not? I have only ever onwed on Golden Sands although we looked at a lot of others in the area and it is by far the best, cleanest, safest park for our family in the area. Shame you have had a fall out, hope you can get it sorted soon. Steve, the finance agreement says nothing about any commision to the site, it only talks about the agreement with Black Horse and the Ts and Cs, I have not idea if Golden Sands got a commision when I bought it. Does that even matter to any of this if they?
  9. Justice What is your grip with Golden Sands, you seem to be very very angry and yet still and owner? I am just curious.
  10. Its bh and Hpa.org. Once on the home page you can email enquire direct to them about any questions you have, you can also open articles by clicking 'visitor' so you dont have to be a member. Takes a while to open some of the stuff though.
  11. I'd rather not post it to anyone, Its my only copy and I dont want people to know my name (which is hand written on the front page) becuase the ones on Golden Sands who are trying to cause trouble will target me I am sure.
  12. In answer tto the big question..... The credit agreements are standard agreements from Black Horse Lloyds bank, they provided finance, not Golden Sands. The agreement is with Black Horse and until the finance is paid off Black Horse own the caravan. It is the same as HP with a car. So Golden Sands do not lend anyone any money, it is the finance company that they use. The licence agreements we all have are the same agreements that have been used under the old park owners (Jones family), so if you are not happy with your agreement then they are to blame. The licence agreement s
  13. I have just checked on the Bh and Hpa website (who produce the licence agreements), it states that the licences are approved by the OFT. I personally dont see what the problem is, if the site only want to sell their own caravans then that is there choice, why should they let other business sell products onto their site and they dont have to suffer the running costs of it? I really dont get where you guys are coming from on this? If people dont like what they sign up to then they shouldnt sign up to it, we have our agreement and dont have any problem with it!
  14. On Golden Sands you buy the caravan only though them now, they arrange all the finance. You dont go through anyone else. You are allowed to sell your caravan to anyone as long as the park people approve the person you are slling too, they then take 15% commision. Red Rebel, if you are happy with your caravan on a new site then please stop going on about Golden Sands, get a life please and leave us who love our park alone.
  15. Red Rebel Please understand that I do not support the management of the park, I support how well the park is run and how we as a family love our time there. We love all of the changes, the best being the extra 4 months that the park is open, we now dont have to twiddle our thumbs during the winter bored with nothing to do. I know dozens of familes on Golden Sands, you are no longer a caravan owner there becuase you didnt pay your bills on time, those that are left on park like us love it, we really really do. We cant wait for all the winter parties, the Christmas and New Year parties, a
  16. Catcher Its a holiday caravan park, you dont have to be there, go and enjoy your life and enjoy the time you have. Take your caravan to a park you enjoy, or sell up and spend your weekends somewhere you can be happy. Life is too short my friend, dont spend it at war with people who have bigger guns, you can only lose!! It is still a great park, best in the area by a mile, we love it, the kids love, if that changes we will leave or take our custom elsewhere (with our caravan), I advise you do the same.
  17. Deejay Whats notices in windows got to do with letting? I let mine out and never got a booking from my window notice, I use my local paper and friends from work etc?? The survey did ask what owners would be prepared to pay for the extra season so yes it was asked and it was a full survey sent to all owners, all my mates who own got a copy. I have no idea why only Golden Sands has got the 12 month licence, who cares why, its great for us. I dont know if anyone will want to live in their caravans, cant speak for anyone else. As I said before, enjoy life and stop getting wrapp
  18. Ok, fair enough! Should have paid on time though, my sister missed her rent for 4 weeks and lost her house, thats just how things go at the moment. I you want to rent my van I am doing good rates?? Looks like the rest of the posts go off the track a bit then, your original post was about late payment of site fees and the other 2 or 3 people are moaning about the 12 months thing!
  19. Everybody, please please please just enjoy what you have! People are getting far to stressed about not much. Go and enjoy your holiday park, enjoy the extra 4 months season (why would you not when it aint any colder in Nov than in Oct), enjoy your lives and enjoy what you have. If you are really unhappy on Golden Sands then you really should move, go, get out, do something else, just stop wasting your lifes serial cagging about every minute thing that happens in the world. Life is too short people, way way too short, enjoy the bits you can, ignore the bits you cant.
  20. :confused:Hey Deejay. The first guy to post was not just given 2 days to pay, if you read his post he was weeks over the deadline as the site fees are due on the 1st April at the latest, he agreed another date with the owners then missed that, so tough luck. We all have to pay on time so he should he, he knew the rules. The owners were sent a survey last year asking about an extended season, we were consulted, not many parks would do that for their owners? If you are not an owner then what is the point in joining in?
  21. It was confirmed that the Licence agreements and Ts and Cs are binding, the OFT have approved the Bh and Hpa agreement that Golden Sands use (apparently it is a standard agreement used throughout the industry), it is water tight. The guy I know paid £415 to be told this by a lawyer, so he has now got to pay the £595 as well, LOL. Mr Clark was asked by an owner sitting next me to why there was no choice, he said that it had to be all or nothing but that he felt 90% of the owners would really benefit from the extra season. I know that still leaves 10% who may be un happy so I agree it must
  22. Hi Have not been on this for while now but thought I would check to see how things are going. Not much change really, just people bickering about silly things. I must say that after the two owners breakfast meetings it is reasuring to see the director come along and talk to all the owners who wished to meet him. I was one of the owners asking for more entertainment in the Sandpiper bar, more adult acts etc. Sooooo pleased that they have arleady reacted and sent us a letter telling us that they have booked a load for Sept and Oct, they have also said they will cover the cost of all the part
  23. I have just checked with the council, becuase it is a holiday site license council tax does not need to be paid, that is only if it is residential. Had me worried for a minute then. I dont intend posting any more, my point was only that we are really happy with all of the changes and especially the 12 month thing, it is a shame there are some people who are not but I guess that is life isnt it? You cant please all of the people all of the time. Byeee:wink:
  24. Ok, I didnt like the entertianment, I thought it was bland, we stopped using the club and now we are in their every weekend. We like the fact that the arcade is under the same roof as the club, so that the kids dont have to go outside in the dark and cross the road to get to the arcade (our kids love the 2p games). We didnt let them go over to the old arcade at night. I like the rule change that measn no kids are alowed on the park after 11pm without their parents, this was getting out of hand before. I like the fact that I can have free WI FI now, we didnt even have WI FI before, this m
  25. We dont earn enough money to be able to stop renting it out, I wish we didnt have to as you do get wear and tear. We could not afford to have the caravan at all if we didnt rent it, we need to get at least £2,000 in bookings each year to be able to keep it. It is going to cost us an extra £100 per month to buy the new caravan but we hope to cover it by putting our prices up next year as we will have a bigger caravan with an extra bedroom. The site have said they can rent it for us but we get more per booking than they do after you take out their commision.
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