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  1. Hi Guys, Been reading about the Power of Attorney and bankruptcy. I have read that bankruptcy removes the POA on mortgage, can anyone tell me if the POA goes back after bankruptcy if house is kept. If this is correct then no lender can repossess my property when the house is discharged. Power of Attorney https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/powers-of-attorney-and-registered-land/practice-guide-9-powers-of-attorney-and-registered-land 2.1 General powers under section 10 of the Powers of Attorney Act 1971 2. Types of power of attorney 2.1 General powers und
  2. the FOS have stopped the eviction until they have looked into my complaint. Can I make the application while FOS are involved or do I have to wait. In theory GE changed my due date to 31 but letter didn't get to me until after this date. I made payment o0n the date I was lead to believe was my new date. Im only in arrears by £2260. I have sold stuff and will be paying £1500 plus by the 26th of this month and hopefully pay the £560 and £660 which is my monthly amount by the next due date that has now been changed to the 5th if they get it right again. This will clear what I owe I wil
  3. that maybe so but I have not done anything wrong in requesting a new payment date. they have said I have missed payments I haven't.
  4. Do you know the ref in law that gives the exact details of this
  5. I asked for the 5th they got the date wrong and sent the letter telling me of t6heir date it arrived after the 31 so I had no chance of paying it on their date
  6. All I want to no is the guide to what makes a missed payment. Also what is a late payment. There is a time line that governs this. Just the same as for a default notice. Things cant be done until a period of time has passed before the next stage can be processed. Can you see where I'm coming from now. There has got to be the same relating missed and late payments. in law. IE how many days after the due date can be classified as a late payment. Also how many days after the due date does it become missed. FCA say If a customer is late on a payment, does it mean they are in arrears?
  7. It is with the FOS. There is no charge for a bailiff to do eviction. The bailiff that served the notice told me this. The only charge is the application notice. The bailiff are paid by the courts only.
  8. No I asked to change the date. They did but not to the date I asked for. They sent me a letter confirming the new date as 31 but this letter didn't get delivered until after the 31. I had asked for the 5th. They ignored my emails asking for a call back and offered £100 compensation for this. I spoke to them on 3 occasions in April were GE called me in relation with an un related matter. It was in these calls I asked for a date change. This was how they found out about my request in those calls and then sent letter. But they got the date wrong
  9. Yes that is £110 I have spoken to the bailiffs that is the court application for eviction fee. That has already been charged in the solicitors fees GE said it was the fee the bailiff charged them. As you already no court Bailiff's don't charge for attendance. The point is no repossession took place. So they cant charge.
  10. No they wont change the date even with proof the information they hold is wrong. I have made a complaint to the ICO under prin 4 already
  11. It is a repossession fee only I had that in writing from them
  12. I haven't I just changed my date. They have said I have missed payments. I have not a couple of arrears payments were a few days late. That is why I want to no what is a late payment and a missed payment.
  13. If you read the bailiff stuff it not just about bailiffs. It states anyone charging for something that has not been received or done is fraud. They charged me a repossession fee there was no repossession
  14. Hi all Im desperate for help. GE Home lending are my mortgage company. I was being evicted last May 2012. I went to court and asked for a stay. I lost The day of eviction I appealed and won. I was told to pay the monthly fig and 140 of arreas. April 2013 I emailed GE asked to change DUE DATE. They messed this up. I asked for 5th of Month they sent letter after 31 the date they gave me. I didn't get letter in time to pay by 31. I made payment on the 4th the day I gave. I received a court app dated 2 May with was court stamped on the third May. going for possession.
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