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  1. Thanks guys - just to be clear, I am not using any company, I am just using this happy forum!! I CCA'd them myself using a template from here and this is what they sent. Having read other threads, this could go on for months, but I guess I need to be clear first of all what their reply is likely to mean. The card was taken out well before 2007 - probably around 2003/4 or maybe earlier... Should I now send a CPR to be sure? or should I just send them an in dispute notice and stop paying THanks again!
  2. I too have had a similar reply from the Halifax - with a "reconstituted version" of the agreement! Will watch with interest Good Luck
  3. Hi all, have read loads & loads of advice on here which has been really helpful. I used the CCA template to send to Halifax Card Services, on 29 July, asnd got the attached reply - which says they have sent me a "reconstituted version of the executed agreement" and that this complies with Consumer Credit Regulations 1983. They also statet that they will "not be entering into any further correspondence regarding requirements relating to the provision of copy agreement" So - question - is this them being on the back foot because they don't have a signed copy, or is it in fact legal for them to send this and the debt is still enforceable? All advice welcome, as this will help me & my family get our lives back on track - I'm currently looking at around £36000 of debt, and between this and one other "biggie" with bank of Scotland (who I've not yet had any response from!) it will make a big hole in it. Thanks in advance Halifax-CCA-Response.pdf
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