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  1. In all honestly I don't remember receiving one, but I may have missed it.
  2. I currently have an issue with CapitalOne, and I'm looking for some advice on whether I should a) complain and b) if so what initial steps I should take I made a payment into my CapitalOne account via bank trasnfer at the end of April 09. The payment reached my CO account on May 5th, one day late. I was charged a £12 late payment fee, I called and complained and as the payment was only one day late the late payment fee was dropped. I then made second payment that reached the account on the 1st of June to clear the remaining balance. This left me with a balance of £0.00. I therefore, wrongly, assumed that the account was clear and I would not need to make any further payments until I used the card again. However I then recieved a letter from CO outlining a £12 charge for late payment. I checked my account and it appears that on the 8th of June I was charged £1 cash interest. I wasn't aware of this charge so I called up CO and they were only willing to half the charge to £6. OK, we aren't talking about massive amounts here but the principle just seems wrong. To my knowledge the account was clear, if CO had contacted me to outline the £1 cash interest I would have paid straight away but instead they just slap you with a charge 12 times the amount you owe! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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