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  1. and again, one more thing. been reading various posts, am i right in thinking that they should have provided a copy of the cca with the claim form???
  2. Also, 1 other thing i have never received a default notice nor did the company. the address they had for me (as the guarentor) had was about 6 addresses ago
  3. Also who do i sent the subject access request to rci or mab law
  4. hi all urgently need your help i was a limited company and took out a contract hire on a nissan which i was personal guarentor. 2 years in to a 5 year contract the company seized trading, i held on to the vehical and tried to make payments as i knew i was guarentor. i couldnt afford to pay anymore so i asked nissan if they would take the vehical back which they did and said once they had sold the car then i would be able to make a arrangement to pay back the balance. about 6 months later a received a letter from Matthew arnold & baldin llp stating i had 14 days to make full payment otherwise the would take court action. i imeadiatly called mab asked if i could make arrangement to pay, the lady dealling was on holiday i spoke with her boss he said send her an email explaining my finacial sit and offer. which i did. i tried calling lady dealing a couple of week later left message, she never responded tried again about a month later left mess no responce. forgot about it for a while and about 2 months later i called her again and spoke with her she said she hadnt received the email or any of the messages. i explained sit she said arr shouldnt be prob but needed to fill in a inc & exp form. received it next day filled it in and returned the next day. never herd anything for 3 months( i know i should have chased but kind of forgot). 15th july received a cc claim for for full amount. i called mab law stated that they never received fin statement and because of that they had taken action. now this is where it gets tricky, i cant have a ccj in the job i do i informed them of this they said the apprciated that but were going to continue regaurdless. i called rci direct told them of my prob they took details and i put my prop fwd and said they would be intouch. the next day i had a call from mab stating that i wasnt to speak to rci direct and that threy will accept my prop but only backed up with a ccj. i tried speaking to rci they said i should speak with mab i said they wouldnt listen to me she said i should get a loan to pay it off, i told her i have 160k of debt in default but have neg payment plans with all of them but obviously cant get a loan, she said she would get a manger to call me. 1 hr later i got call from mab (ladys boss) statung that i wasnt to contact them and that they were going to proceed with ccj, begged him to allow arrangement without ccj which would cost me my job and thus be unable to make arr payments. refused to listen told me again they are proceding with ccj:-x. i have returned claim form with list of my debts, my offer and copy of legislation confirming i will not be able to continue in my employment if a ccj is imposed and a letter begging for help. please help me i need to work to be able to pay back the money i owe, obviously i could just go bankrupt and screw them all but everyone but rci-mab have been decent and do want to pay all of it back. i have a 2yo and a 3yo and wife is 7 months pregnant this is all getting a bit too much to handle
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