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  1. Hi Thanks for the comments. They have reduced the excess to £500 and will provide proof of repair as well as rental loss etc. The repair difference will be refunded to me. Bet that's not much. So much for trying to support the LOCAL business. The nationals have minimum excess of £200, though that would have been £5.00 more overall! I know where I'll go next time.
  2. Hi I too got caught with this. I googled and managed to get a number for amazon. Called and told them I signed up for free postage not realising exactly what I was getting into and they refunded me the £47 no questions asked. Sorry I haven't got the number but it was no hassle at all.
  3. Hi I hired a van today. I swipped past a tree which scraped the company logo and left a black mark about a foot long at the rear of the van. Not into the paint. I think it would T cut out (why didn't I!!!) as well as a new company transfer. I paid to reduce my excess but still being charged £700. Do they have to prove to me that they have repaired my scratch? Can they simply keep my £700 and never repair it or prove the costs of the repair to me? Do I have any rights on this to see the costs of the repair and if its not £700, get the difference returned to me. Outrageous charges for a
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