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  1. Just to update you all. On Monday 12th rang them and paid the £600 and they said they would stop eviction, on 13th we received letter from their solicitors confirming this and today we received a letter from NRAM confirming our repayment plan. Phew! To everyone else going through this awful process you have my best wishes, it has been a totally terrible, scary time but if you try and if you take the good advice offered on here then you will come though the other side. Good luck everyone
  2. We have received an eviction notice from NRAM, arrears stood at £3200 but I have made a payment on Friday and reduced them to £2,700. When we received the eviction notice, we rang NRAM, who have made us jump through hoops by sending payslips, bank statements etc. Our monthly payment is £1100 and we have offered to repay arrears with an extra £260 every 4 weeks (I get paid 4 weekly). They have now accepted that they have all the info they need and have agreed the plan, providing we reduce our arrears to two months worth of arrears (A payment of £600), which we can just scrape to. T
  3. John, Do not panic, have you sent them a request for a copy of the credit agreement? If not get it off straight away. You have a good chance that it will be unenforceable, all mine were! I have been through what you are going through, many of us have and the best advice I can give you is: 1. Don't panic, the debt collectors will try and scare you into paying but it is rare that they do anymore than write lots of threatening letters. 2. Read up and get the advice on here, it is amazing and kept me and my wife sane. Learn a little about the law, use the template letters and get cont
  4. Early this year we changed bank accounts and sorted out the new Direct Debits. For some reason our water one with Essex & Suffolk water was not collected from our new a/c. We were unaware of this until we received a CCJ letter saying judgement had been entered against my wife (using her maiden name, which she dropped in 1994). We had not received any other letters from Essex & Suffolk water at all. I have immediately paid the water bill in full, but don't see why I should be paying for their solicitor or CCJ, when we knew nothing about it. Do you think we have a
  5. Thanks for the news, will get on case today with SAR to Halifax. Thanks
  6. No credit care is not ticked, (it's difficult to say for sure with bad photocopy). So I guess this means she had credit care, is that important? Both NOAs say NOA from Halifax to Worst Cruddites
  7. We just found the NOA from Halifax dated July 2009. Assigns debt to 1st Credit Interestingly they have also provided another NOA, this one dated 12/12/2008 When we asked for a copy of the default notice we were told: Previous to our taking over this debt a default was registered by Halifax bank and paperwork sent to you and the credit agencies Experian and Equifax. And then did not provide a copy, is this important?
  8. My wife will be very nervous about doing this, she is a wreck at the moment, her father died last year and this might push her over the edge. Can I represent her if she sign to give authority?
  9. 1. About 2 years ago 2. Not sure, how can we find out? 3. No we don't have statements 4. Will not know until we get results of SAR 5. Not sure we got an NOA (Notice of Assignment), will need to check Thanks
  10. WOW! Thanks, I am a fighter by nature and have found the debt collectors to be lower than snakes, so I am up for a fight. Thanks to all of you, we will be raising a glass in your honour tonight. I have already had a good read of the various posts in here, my complaint to the OFT will be going out on Saturday morning, other papers will be sent Special delivery on Tuesday morning. Just to confirm, who do I send what to?
  11. Arrived yesterday delivered by courier company. I am guessing that we need to get it set aside? Any help gratefully received. I am more than happy to post docs for perusal, with identifying remarks obscured. We did request a copy of the CCA, and received an application form! Which is described on top as: Your Halifax Visa Card Application Seems to have the prescribed terms but no sign of the terms and conditions. Anyway here is the CCA CCA.pdf Notice that it says on it: "Under the terms of this agreement as set out overleaf" which despite requests they have
  12. Thanks everyone as I suspected just a new version of an old threatogram.... I have asked for the T&Cs at time of application. Also requested the Default Notice and notice of assignment..... Card was applied for in mid 90s, and we ran into trouble back in 2006, so not statute expired. Thanks for all your help, you have helped me to relax a bit... ;-)
  13. So working on grounds that it's probably an enforceable agreement, what do you think best plan of action should be?
  14. My gut feeling from reading about prescribed terms is that they are present. However they have not yet supplied a notice of assignment, or copy of any default notice or a statement of account, is that relevant?
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