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  1. Sorry to bump this back up to the top, but I have some words of reassurance for those who might be getting a little impatient with the speed at which Lowell operate. Today, nearly 13 months after this thread was put to bed, I received not one but two letters from Ms Barnard, informing me that despite contacting the original lender, they have failed to supply the requested information. It is therefore through the generosity of their own heart (yeah, irony), that they will no longer be pursuing the debt and that my credit file will be adjusted accordingly. Keep the faith CAG-ers; they
  2. I'm delighted to put this thread to bed with news that a cheque arrived from Leeds C.C. this morning for the full warrant amount. Doubles all round Jimmy !! Rgds HF
  3. Spitfire has beaten me to it, and is of course correct. No additional costs can be added. I've still not got my cheque though. They have, apparently, paid into the court, so we now wait for it to clear.... Good luck with your own case. Rgds
  4. Sometimes, you read something which leaves you with a warm glow inside... Insolvency Case Details Case Name MATTHEW PHILLIP LAIRD ROSTRON Court High Court Of Justice Type Bankruptcy Number 0002699 Case Year 2009 Order Date 22 September 2009 Status Currently Bankrupt : Automatic Discharge will be 22 September 2010 See FootNote Case Description MATTHEW PHILLIP LAIRD Rostron CURRENTLY A DEBT COLLECTOR :grin::grin: Individual Insolvency Register - Home
  5. Well, Mr Postman called today ( I think he's getting tired of me singing at him every morning - X-factor I am NOT) I have a letter from Leeds County Court I would like to hope this is the end of it, but there is the ongoing complaint to the OFT, and Experian are trying to identify when the last payments were made on these alleged accounts, in response to my claim that the dates and defaults on my credit file are false and were placed there fraudulently in Lowell's vexatious pursuit of statute barred debt. It would be so much simpler, Mr Cornell, if you just
  6. Thanks; they certainly turn heads ! mkb, it's not all grim oop north. If you squint, it could almost be the Caribbean.....almost They can be a handful Jan, but there again, can't all big dogs. Giant Schnauzers though are gentle giants overall. HF
  7. Introducing my lot. Sometimes they drive me insane Other times, they keep me sane Not sure where I'd be without them....
  8. Thanks Cerberus. That is most interesting. Consider it done, and scales well & truly tipped. And so it goes on.......
  9. I see the trend already. I've already had 2 info slips from the Court saying the bailiff has tried to collect payment, but failed each time. SAM, any luck with the media interest? It's time to go public.
  10. Rule 1: Never, EVER give them the benefit of the doubt !! :grin: I know I'm preaching to the converted ! ;-) Mrs Bailiff has contacted them 3 times: Time 1: "We'll pay into the court by Thursday." Time 2 (Over a week later): "Oh sorry, we promise a payment will be made into the court by the end of the week." (God, I wish there was a Pinocchio smiley) Time 3 (Yesterday, over another week later): "We've paid the claimant direct, honest!" I hope they have proof of posting !!! HF
  11. Subbing, for the mere fact that Lowlife's antics never, ever cease to amaze me. Apply to have set aside Contact your MP Complain to the OFT and Trading Standards The plug needs to be pulled on the licence of these baffoons. HF
  12. Yes babybear.; that's why the bailiffs are now involved. The warrant in this case was issued on September 2nd. Bailiffs spoke to Lowell last week, who assured them that the cheque would be deposited with the court last Thursday. I wonder if it's going to be signed "PINOCCHIO"?
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