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  1. The deposit he wanted was for a bike he was looking at last October .... 2008! Don't think it was / is a [problem] ........... think he was a dreamer who wanted something he couldn't afford. If he had been man enough and let me know I would have paid it back there and then but what annoys me he wouldn't give me a straight answer. He kept saying the flight was cancelled, his brother was ill, he had to stay to look after his horses etc etc. So I kept putting other buyers off holding the bike for the Dutch guy, obviously loosing sales to these potential purchasers. I have been told just not to reply to any e.mails / answer any international calls which I think may be the way I will deal with this .....
  2. Hi All New to the forum so 1st posting. I have a funny one here : Last September ( 2008 ) I had a rare motorbike for sale via e.bay, using the auction side of it. The eventual buyer was a gentleman from Holland who I managed to make contact with 24hrs later. He made it clear he wanted the bike and as a guarantee after some persuasion paid me via paypal a deposit of £150 and said he would collect the bike the following week. He never made contact with me and despite lots of e.mails, many failed telephone calls ( sometimes I would manage to talk and he would confirm he was still coming over ! ) after some 5 weeks of waiting I eventually tied him down and he was very apologetic but said he had changed his mind / couldn't afford the bike !!! Obviously having been strung along by this I was very annoyed. However, I did mention in an e.mail I would pay him his deposit back less cost's on my behalf as I was a man of my word. Speaking to work colleagues / Friends they told me not to pay as he has gone back on all words with me and I failed to sell the bike. The Dutch man finally mentioned he was currently looking at another bike and would contact me in due course for me to pay the deposit on this bike ( No, I'm not making this up ! ) Ok, it is now the 28the July 2009 and out of the blue I received an e.mail from this guy, asking how I am but more importantly asking where his deposit is ! I'm not after the moral side of this story, but would ask for advice on the legal side of this ........... Am I legally bound to pay this deposit back or not???? Really appreciate some advice on this problem please, Many thanks .....
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