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  1. cheers for the links having a good read through them now, got a few calls to make today
  2. when they come to take the car will they inform they are taking it, so i can call the police and inform them my car is being stolen, as its on a drive
  3. called them today before I went to work, he now said i have to pay 627.00 to clear the default notice, first I was trying to get the 400odd pound togther, then see 500 odd, they seem to move the goal posts, every time i get close, did offer them 300 today but he said he needed 627.00 after that he said a min payment of 400 odd would be accepted, but still could not get the extra ££, to clear this, got a day off tomorrow , so will be calling consumer direct and office of fair trading, fingers crossed and toes cheers for all your help
  4. off to work now till 10 tonight hopefully I will get through to someone who knows how much i have paid on first agreement.
  5. yeah read that, it made me have hope, just cant see a way through this, just noticed that the number to ring nottingham is the same as the romford office,
  6. just wanna keep my car and my job, its driving me and the other half nuts, we having soo many aguments because of this, I cant stand this much more just wanna get on with my life,
  7. unit 2 Stanton gate, mawney road romford essex rm7 7hl got statments from customer relationship centre nottingham
  8. just rang them to find out how much of the first agreement I have paid, they dont know, but can send a statement out, will be to late then the car would have gone, have asked if i can make a payment on the 15th, but he said once the notice is in force they cant back out, notice runs out 29th
  9. its says failure to read this letter may result in legal proceedings,you are hereby served under section 87(1) fo the cusumer credit act with attached default notice. we intend to exercise our rights to enforce collection unless you clear the arrears within 14 days, or alternatively contact us with your proposals for settlement. be advised that should you fail to contact us and legal action becomes necessary we may applythrough the courts for an attachment of earning order to made a deducted via your employers. then its goes on to say you ave the right to end this agreement in short will
  10. cheers for reply, have had two letters one saying "without prejudice" and the other is a default notice served under section 87(1) dated 15 sep 2010, saying i have 14 days to pay 474.56, total amount payable under agreement(less any installation charge) 23236.80 total amount that you have paid by date of the giving of this notice 3979.16 Payment to be made arrears 474.56 outstanding balance under this agreement 19282.50 less rebate allowable in future installments (6468.00) less insurence rebate
  11. cant ssem to get the big pictures up from scan, here is link to flicker page with 3 scan of the agreement the lady sent me, it wont let me post link to flickr as ive not had more then 20 posts, flickr account is davebutton if that helps
  12. going to give them a call today, to see if they can give me a total what I have paid, and a bit of a long shot if i can pay the £542.66 on 15th as me and the partner both get paid, really need to keep this car as we will both have to give up our jobs if they take the car
  13. I did say to them I had paid alot, they said not enough, to get a court order
  14. got the car at the welcome car showroom lakeside, the loan was re-written on 10/09/08, the files attached dont seem to come up, have used flikr to upload scans, the house is council property, not sure how much ive have paid, just tried to do some caculation, looks like i have paid 9k 380.20 x 24 and 4k 193.63 x 24
  15. Ive left it a bit late, been trying to get the money together, but received a letter on the 15/09/2010, Notice of Sums in Arrears, saying that opening balance £19,282.50 Shortfall for the purpose of this notice £542.66,, got made redundant in 08 fell behind in payments had a new agreement done and got back on my feet, again lost my job, have got new job but fell behind with payments again, asked the lady on the phone for my agreements, and she sent me these, have just put the sar request together, sending it off at the end off the month, have also read that I could claim ppi back, but that can
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