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  1. Hi, Mrs sisgen has a Welcome Loan which has similar charges on it for letters being sent, returned DDs etc. I notcice that you say these are unlawful and can be reclaimed. My question is how does this stand if these charges are stated in the original agreement? How exactly are they considered unlawful when you have signed an agreement that states they will be charged in these circumstances? Any advise welcomed as her charges plus interest would out do what they say she stills owes.
  2. Thanks ims21 that's what I thought but it is good to get confirmation. 2nd letter to Blue Motor coming up then.
  3. Hi, Had a reply from Blue Motor to the effect that they are not responsible for PPI as it was sold by the car showroom and suggest that I claim of them. However the payments each month were collected by Blue Motor, they are listed as PPI payment on the account statements from Blue Motor each month until it was cancelled, and surely it should have been stated on the hire purchase agreement to be a cosha agreement? If the car showroom had sold it as a separate agreement why would he payments each month go to Blue Motor ? Any suggestions as to the next move appreciated.
  4. I sent for SAR which gave me all the details of the account. It costs £10 and they have 40 days to supply it. When you have the details, download ims21's spreadsheet from above post and put in a claim for the PPI payments that you have made plus interest. Expect them to refuse your claim but don't give up!!
  5. As Mike770 said above, £2 with a written request stating your address for the last 6 years to any of the CRAs will produce your credit report.
  6. Hi Ims, No the PPI was part of the same monthly payment to the finance company. I have the full statement of account from them which clearly states that PPI payment was taken each month from the total amount which I paid them which was the amount as stated on the agreement plus some £30 for PPI
  7. I purchased a car back in 2007 and had finance arranged through the dealer with Blue Motor Finance. My agreement is linked below, unfortunately it is in three pieces here.The salesman told me that in order to get the loan I had to take the PPI option which I reluctantly agreed to. For nearly four years I have been charged PPI each month until I cancelled it early this year. However on reviewing the agreement there is no mention of PPI. It has the loan and GAP insurance which I agreed to but no mention of PPI. I appreciate that the salesmans claim that I needed PPI to get the loan is cause for
  8. Wasn't your Welcome loan included in your bankruptcy if it was only two years ago?
  9. Reported elsewhere "Brandon appeal heard today - judgment reserved to a future date."
  10. COURT 72 Before LORD JUSTICE TOMLINSON Monday, 6th December, 2010 At 10 o'clock APPLICATION B2/2010/1463 Ian Karl Robert Brandon -v- American Express Services Europe Ltd. Application of Defendant for permission to appeal and a stay of execution. Above taken from the court's web site. Does this mean that the appeal is today or just an application to allow an appeal or not? From previous posts regarding the 6th December I had assumed that the appeal itself was today, or am I barking up the wrong tree?
  11. There is no charge for CPR requests and if you have sent them £1 they may well take that to be a payment to the account which could reset the statue barred clock. £1 payments are for CCA requests. CPR requests do not cost.
  12. Are you sure bank charges can still be reclaimed BB? I thought the case last November virtually put a stop to reclaiming bank charges.
  13. I think you may find this is MHA collections affiliated to LloydsTSB. If you put MHA in the search box at the top of the forum you will find many threads for them.
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