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  1. Better she stay there than risk being at home. Best wishes for her recovery.
  2. Certain sporting bodies whose sense of justice is clouded Typical rules for one do not apply per usual:-x
  3. I wonder if the Brig would address another user like that if the other's user name was Bubbles or something? Brig V Squaddie? hmmmm. Thought we were all on the same side hmmm
  4. Agreed. Was looking at Yahoo News. Saw the caption Thatcher Bog. Was not half disapointed to discover it was really Thatcher Blog. Did not bother reading a single word. But if it was a Bog article LOL
  5. Swore at the news from Boston. Condolences to their families and friends (If not suitable please delete)
  6. I would use a hammer. But that's no good for you. Sorry I never have touched Vista. Hope you can sort it.
  7. TBF, you will be so revitalized after drinking Green Tea, you will no longer want to dunk biccies. You will be all overcome with an intense urge to purify yourself. Honest.... hordes of Green Tea drinkers attest to this. Then they go to the funny farm
  8. Wish 'this lot' would walk a mile in the shoes of some of those being damaged more by welfare reforms. No understanding at all:mad2:
  9. Need to prove someone is pulling a swifty but the other party will not listen
  10. Easter Bunny disregards AGE. Aint that sweet. 2 out of 6 marshmallow eggs offered themselves before the Big PooBah Easter Egg Hunt Sunday. Well chuffed I am. Or is that stuffed? Smiling :wink:
  11. Known fact the benfits come out of the pockets of Job centre donkeys. Constant battle to reason with them
  12. What bugs about job seeking is the emotional games they play. Dangle carrots to make a job appear great. And it stinks. Hope for better thing ahead for ya'll though.
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