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  1. Ok things are getting very serious and I am on the verge of giving in to these terriers. I have sent a letter to the leisure centre to display my amazment that they have denied the dispute, I have also sent a letter to CRS to fight my corner a bit more, but in the mean time they have sent another letter. They say that because I have not responded within the 7 days they gave me, they have started court proceedings and have enclosed a copy of the court forms. The bill has also increased by £30 and they have highlighted that a CCj is bad news in these economic climate. Do I pay up or not? I have
  2. I do not have proof from the initial letter, big mistake. I hand delivered the other letter and have receipt for the last.
  3. Ok so I have recieved a letter from CRS again, it says essentially. In response to my letter in which I did not acknowledge the debt to them, they have contacted the leisure centre to ask about the dispute. The leisure centre have told CRS that they have sent the three letters about the outstanding balance, to which they have had no response from me. Shocking. I have the usual 7 days to make contact OR ELSE. Please assist me in my next move.
  4. How should I play things from here, continue with the letters or arrange a face to face appointment?
  5. Hi, I have just taken delivery of the next installment of rubbish from Soll Leisure. The letter is as follows; They accept receipt of my last letter. They do not acknowledge ever receiving my previous letter ( even though I hand delivered it) and want proof of posting. They want a copy of the letter to consider my point. However they do not think the complaint and the cancellation issue are connected and advise me to continue to communicate with CRS on the debt. Not impressed.
  6. I sent the recommended letters to both CRS and Soll leisure just over two weeks ago. I have since had no response from either company on a resoloution to the problem. Do I now need to send further correspondance, or do I wait and see what happens? Please help. Baz
  7. This is what I have so far, very basic but to the point; Credit Resolution Services 1st Floor 41-43 Perrymount Road Haywards Heath West Sussex RH16 3BN 28th July 2009 CRS REF : Soll leisure REF : Dear Sir/Madam. With regard to the above reference number, I do not acknowledge the debt you are requesting and would like to notify you that it is still very much in dispute. Regards Is this what was meant or is this been taken too literally
  8. Is there a template for me to use stating posh stuff like section bla de bla and consumer act 1911 etc lol. I am a nugget when it comes to the law, my rights and scary letters
  9. I really would like to thank everyone who has replyed so far, really didn't know what to do. So, what is my initial list of things to do.
  10. I have just spoken with the consumer direct people who I initially contacted and they have told me that the information has been forwarded to TS. However, if I fail to contact CRS before Friday will I be given A BIG SPLODGE on my credit history and be taken kicking and screeming to court?
  11. I will ring ts today and see if they are doing anything. I have a copy of both letters sent, and the letters received. I handed the letter to the manager personally, so I know he has it.
  12. I forgot to mention that I have also been in contact with trading standards who are launching an enquiry into this. I am just worried because nothing like this has ever happened before and CRS want it settled by Friday.
  13. Hi, I am brand new around here but really need your assistance. I shall explain. My girlfriend and I joined up to the Soll leisure centre as joint members way back in September last year. On only our third week of membership, we booked an aqua class online - arrived on the day - signed in with reception - proceeded to the changing rooms to get changed - once we got pool side I found it strange I was the only male in attendance - I was then informed by a MALE lifeguard that it was a female only event ( whilst he laughed with his colleague ). The situation humiliated me and also put m
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