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  1. Any advice please? I really need to resubmit the application by tomorrow and am not sure what to do with it. Thanks
  2. I've been reading the latest from Costa's thread, and am now concerned that my case is not as straightforward as I thought. Nationwide issued me with a dodgy DN a year ago (didn't allow 14 days and no date to remedy specified) and then terminated on the back of that. They have subsequently taken me to court and a big part of my defence is the dodgy DN etc. However they recently served me a 'new' DN (in the correct format as it happens) and then obtained a court order allowing them to amend their POC so that they can rely on that DN in their claim (wonder why they did that....). As advised
  3. Can someone advise me please?? Having submitted an Application for a strike out/Summary Order, a couple of weeks ago, when I handed it in at the court they told me there was no fee to pay, as the Judge's previous order for the claimant had granted me leave to vary/amend the order. However I have now received a letter saying I must pay a fee 0f £75 for the Application to strike out, before it can be processed. When I contacted the court to ask why the chanege of mind, I was told that they considered my Application for a strike out is considered to be more than a varying/amendment of the previ
  4. At last! Here's the application I submitted to court earlier today for summary judgement/strike out based on dodgy default notice. Not sure how far I'll get with it, but it sure sounds good! Application.doc Thanks everyone for your advice. Couldn't have got this far without it. FTOTB
  5. Can anyone help me with a procedural point please? When filing the AQ requesting a strike out, does my evidence for asking for the strike out have to be appended as a witness statement, or does it simply go into section 10 on the AQ? Thanks FTOTB
  6. Thanks citizenB. I'm making a few amendments to make it all a bit easier to read - have to give the judge all the help I can - including keeping it black and white:-)
  7. At last - after a few distractions - here is my first bash at the case for a strike out application. Strike out application.doc The bits highlighted red are those which I have done but am not sure about - advice please! The highlight in green at the end is the bit that summarises my application - is that necessary on the AQ? I haven't mentioned the agreement. I'm still not sure whether or not the recon they have supplied enables them to enforce the order at court, or does it merely satisfy Sec78 CCA? Thanks for all the brilliant advice - couldn't do it without this great site! F
  8. - Does the Carey case mean they can actually get the agreement enforced in court, as they are claiming? Am working on strike out application - hope to finish this evening and will post draft first.
  9. A few months ago I made a SAR. They refused to send it to my home address for 'confidentiality and security' reasons and insisted sending it to a nearby branch instead. After realising I would get nowhere complaining, I picked it up today. It consisted of loose papers and a cd inside an opened plastic postal bag. The cd is so scratched it doesn't play properly. So much for their security and confidentiality! Anyway, it doesn't contain a copy of the original agreement - just page 5 (out of 6) of the application form (so they claim) with my sig on it. For some reason they say they can't fin
  10. The court advised me I wouldn't have to pay the set aside fee as the order states I have 7 days to apply for set aside. However, i agree it seems pointless.
  11. In that case it makes sense to go for the strike out, as if I went for a set aside at this point I would only subsequently be going for a strike out I guess. Thanks n
  12. Tried again as I thought maybe over 20 posts would do it, but still denied access
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