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  1. they said they will fix it for free or give me a refund. i have 1 more question: if it can be proven that the van i bought has a serious defect, and the defect has been there since the van was manufactured (in 2001), is that grounds to go back to the manufacturer and claim a brand new 2009 van? the van is a ex post office van, and i would be the 3rd owner.
  2. other garages have seen it and none know what the problem is. and it seems the dealer i bought it from doesnt know either. the dealer says he checked the engine mountings, wheel balance when i paid the extra he wants me to pay more to check the prop shaft bearings and this much more cash doesnt promise a cure
  3. and for the 1st 14 days it was in the garage having the repair
  4. i havent returned it because i like the van and i would rather have it repaired than get a refund, which is why i paid an extra 170.00 to fix it. but the repair i paid for made no difference and i still cant get over 40mph without the bad vibration. now its getting really frustrating so i want a refund
  5. i am just an ordinary private customer purchasing for private use, and the van was acquired by the dealer in partexchange when a new van was bought by someone else
  6. thanks for reply. does it matter if the dealer says to me it was 'sold as seen' or 'on trade' ?
  7. i have bought this van 2 months ago. i have managed to do 2000 miles in it, but its all been under 40 mph because the van vibrates badly over this speed. i have been in and out of garages trying to fix it since i bought it. i have paid the dealer that i bought it from an extra 170.00 to fix it but its made no difference. i wasnt told of any defects and the dealer drove it for me at under 40mph before i bought it. the dealer probably didnt know of the fault when he sold it to me, but after he sold the van to me another of his customers who borrowed this van before the sale reported
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