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  1. People who's site fees are due in January will also find the fees have been increased to cover the extended season. So either they have charged you £595 for November and December or you are paying twice for January and February. So in conclusion it seems that people are being overcharged by between £300 & £595. Every caravan owner should demand a refund!
  2. Why are Golden Sands charging me twice for the same service? My contract is from 1st October till 30th September. So when I pay my site fees in October and april this will cover the period of Oct 2009 to Sept 2010. But I have already been charged £595 for this years extended season, So they ARE charging me The extra payment twice!!
  3. Most of these cases have been featured in the media. Red rebel mentioned the links to a couple of them earlier. It is because of these cases that I asked the original question.
  4. Hi conniff, When Robert Taylor damaged a bungalow and two cars with a digger, I like most others thought he was off his trolly. Since his release I have heard his side of it and I can see his side of things. But I cannot condone his actions. This case was in Essex. Seven men were Convicted of Arson, Blackmail and /or conducting a campaign of terror on a site in Bromsgrove Worcestershire. The same site owner is involved with 10 or more sites even down as far as the Isle-of-White. I have heard of reports from Heysham in Lancs. Rhyl in North Wales. Hunstanton in Norfolk.
  5. mjw0161 http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/caravanownersforum are looking for people to relate their experiences with site owners. (good or bad). A fie on this site is worth reading It shows what we are up against,but it also shows what is possible to achieve. Do not rely on the link above type it in your self with no spaces.
  6. My gripe with G/S is that they make rules and allow some people to ignore them, While others are expected to abide by them. I like to be told the truth, ie increasing site fees to run the site for an extra 4 months, then spending the money on entertainment, Is not honest! My other complaints are common to most other sites aswell. So moving would only delay the inevitable confrontation. I have been happy on the site for many years and hope to be again for many more. I am not against progress, and would welcome changes that really improve the park. But I honestly have not seen any S
  7. Happyowner, How can I get on to the BH & HPA web site?
  8. Happyowner, as you obviously have your licence agreement to hand, could you post it as steven4064 has requested?
  9. Unfortunately most of us are not computer litterate, we are slow,struggle with typing and spelling. we may not have the equipment or the Knowledge to scan - edit - and attach files. The antagonists know that the bait will be taken by somebody. Their sole purpose seems to be to disrupt or destroy this thread. They have many questions but NO answers. I am guilty of taking the bait. even though I try to resist.
  10. Typical is this your way of saying "no comment" In the last ten years I have never seen so many empty bases on this site as there are now. And does the fact that you new owners are paying more than the rest of us crack you up as well
  11. Bit optermistic arn't you fill all the other empty bases first
  12. Way off the mark, happy as larry There is more than one person who disagrees with you
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