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  1. Yeah right. I had the clutch replaced on my car, engine oil seals replaced, engine steam cleaned, and timing belt done, all for about the same amount of money. In fact I have done a lot of car work myself including rebuilding an engine, replacing a gear box, and so on, so I know an awful lot about cars. A minor scratch like that does not require a whole panel respray, a good body work restorer could do a localized touch up in a few hours and you would never notice it. Also, they don't repair them for minor damage like that. They write the cost off against loss of th
  2. Yes, I asked for last 5 out/return slips to check the scratch was not already there. No response. Won't be blindly paying them. I paid by debit card, I cancelled that card as soon as they emailed me about it, so no more payments can be taken on that card.
  3. Yes, a french contract under french law. My French is not that good, but I am pretty sure it says the same thing. I did not take the damage waiver as it was 20 euros per day and it was a 10 day rental; seemed a bit much. It would seem they are trying to automatically charge me the full 850 excess, rather than a fair market value for the repair. I think I will phone customer service to begin with and see if they can get me a fairer quote. There were other anomalies with the rental, specifically they charged me for 3 child seats when I only had 1. Customer service did already sort that
  4. Hi, I rented a car from Enterprise Rent-a-car. When I returned it there was a small scratch, just a little bigger than their wear and tear vs damage assessment template allows for: https://ibin.co/3WJPCUlUuaeK.jpg They want to charge me the full 850 euros excess for this. It looks like the sort of thing that could be fixed for around 50 to 100 euros, with a localized touch up. Clearly I am being ripped off. It is entirely possible the scratch was already there. It was a long day and I did not have any lunch by the time I got off the ferry and waited for the French to finish
  5. Yes, there has to be a provision for loading because people live there with no vehicle access other than that road to their property. So you cannot move furniture or heavy box of tools or whatever without access to load. someone pointed me to this, which explains the way to appeal it: https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/consumer/parking-driving-transport/parking-driving-transport/appealing-parking-tickets/appealing-a-parking-ticket/
  6. Not yet. Actually, there is some information on the residents website about the parking rules being changed (to 30 mins from not sure what) - but no confirmation that they have been changed. I contacted the residents association to ask if they know what the rules currently are and where I might get them in writing. So if I get them in writing I just go to the court with them and proof of residency and show it to the judge and it will be a simple matter to clear up? If I can't get anything in writing, maybe I just save the hassle and pay £30.
  7. Got a parking ticket (from police not traffic warden) for parking in Dalry Place (Edinburgh, Scotland) which is pedestrianised. As a resident I am supposed to be allowed to stop and load there for 30 mins, but the ticket says I was recorded as being there for 3 mins (14:07 to 14:10). I can request a court hearing - just wondering if these ever go in favour of the defendant or do I stand little chance of getting off? I am thinking that I feel I am in the right, but is it going to be worth the hassle versus £30 fine...
  8. I got a quote from a company called Castle Water that is about 1/2 of what Business Stream are charging, and substantially better than quotes from other suppliers. So I would recommend trying them.
  9. This is about water suppliers to small businesses in Scotland. I received a bill for about £400 for a years water supply from business stream - seems a little high to me, given that at my previous location the bill to the same company was around £100 per year. Has anyone on here any experience of switching to another supplier other than Business Stream, and were their charges any more reasonable? All I have water wise is one toilet and a kitchen sink to fill the kettle. I am looking for a supplier with a good standing charge per day, and not worrying about meter
  10. Ok. I think the real issue of this thread though is, should debt collection agencies be putting defaults of credit reports for such small sums? Given that a default seems to have a negative impact on the credit rating that is not proportional to the amount owed; a £100,000 default counts the same as the £29. This seems grossly unfair, and as documented elsewhere, there is no real process by which such a default can be appealed.
  11. No, I didn't. But as far as I was concerned the account was closed and done with, so why would I give them a new address?
  12. Is there any point in writing to 3, given that the debt was sold to Lowells? I suppose just write the one begging letter and send it to 3, Lowells, the ombudsman and my MP.
  13. Because for only £29 I get a default that is satisfied on my report rather than one that in still unpaid.
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