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  1. Hi, can my ex still come back into our house when they like? My ex chose to leave our jointly owned house 2.5 years ago and move in with a relative they would occasionally come back to pick something up and would text me when but never with a a time. We both pay half the mortgage but I'm registered to live here they are registered at their other place. Lately they are coming back with only 10 minutes notice and when I'm at work they have been removing some small items of mine and reading my opened personal mail. I've told them that they have to give me 24 hour notice and I will text back with an agreeable time. Their solicitor has written to me stating that they can enter the house as and when they like with no notice to me surely there is some notice they have to give me and only at a reasonable time. Can some wise person please advise with what laws or legal argument that I can quote back to their solicitor about my rights, if any. As its our joint house, we are tenants in common there is no landlord and no tenancy contract. I'm not stopping them from coming here it's just feels wrong that they can just come in, we don't speak only by text so I only contact through their solicitor. We plan to sell the house in the near future Many thanks T
  2. Hi, I hope some wise person can help me with what I think is a simple question, As a LIP in a FDR with my ex can I claim in my form H for My time form filling, at hourly rate. Stationary, postage, photocopying, Train bus fares to and from court Legal books Days lost from work due to court and preparation for court My ex's solicitor has listed her hourly rate and all relevant costs in her form H I'm not sure if I can also, many thanks Ps I have to file by tomorrow so if anyone can help me pronto it will be a huge help, thanks again.
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