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  1. Thanks again for your help OC. Can you claim for days taken off work to see solicitors/CAB? Time taken to prepare case for the trial and all letters written regarding case? Also, stress caused to myself and other family members? Thanks again. B
  2. Thanks OC. In the event of winning my case, what can I claim for? B
  3. Does anyone know what the most likely (or maximum) costs will be involved if you're found guilty at trial? Also, does writting (a few letters) to LUL to settle out of court, to which they have to respond, add significantly to their costs? First offence (i've posted details about the case before) B
  4. OC you were right, they rejected my plea and thus they've given a trial date. I don't have the funds to go to trial though. Is there any alterative? Many thanks B
  5. Thanks for the comments once again . In my mitigation letter I forget to put the fact that i've tried to settle out of court with LUL by letter and followed-up by a phone call. Is it worth mentioning? If so, do I write the mitigation letter again and ask the court to replace the old letter or is it an addendum to the original mitigation letter? B
  6. Thanks for your comments OC/SRPO. The court actually confirmed via email that they had received my plea by post - this was after they had contacted me (via email again) to ask my plea. So they had my plea by email and post a few days before the date of the hearing. I contacted LUL today and they confirmed that no plea had been submitted so the hearing was adjourned. The adjournment obviously increases my costs - since the mistake was made by the court - do I have any comeback in terms of reducing the prosecution costs? B
  7. I just wanted to update you on the situation and get some more advice from OC/SRPO. I ended up pleading "guilty" and put down in a letter all the mitigating circumstances. In order to reduce costs, I sent it 3 days prior to the court summons - so the RCI didn't have to attend etc. The guilty plea wasn't because I thought I was guilty but because the chances of not winning and then paying substantial costs didn't really appeal to me - even if the odds of winning were 4:1 in my favour. Anyway, I tried to settle out of court with LUL by letter and then following up with a phone ca
  8. As the case is still pending, I'd rather not get into the fine detail of the case. Suffice to say, there is a genuine reason behind this - you'll just have to take my word on it. Will this form the basis of the prosecution's case against me? B
  9. No false information was given and I co-operated 100% with the RCI. In the documentation that I've got, I've received the statement from the RCI. This is essentially just a question and answer list- nothing untoward. A photocopy of my father's freedom pass and an Oyster usage statement. Is there any other evidence that the prosecution can present apart from this? Thank you for all your help - it is much appreciated . B
  10. Thanks again . I'm being prosecuted under Sec 5(3)(a). My father is a senior citizen and has a freedom pass. My father lost his orange wallet and kept it in a blue Oyster wallet (as these are easier to get hold of). I have a PAYG Oyster card. On the day of the alleged incident, in my haste I took the wrong blue wallet. I was stopped by a revenue control inspector. I explained about the wrong wallet etc. I had enough money on me to pay for the journey - but the RCI didn't take any notice. The RCI got an Oyster usage statement - which displays recent travel using the pass. On th
  11. Thanks. If you're pleading "not guilty", how many days before the court hearing must the reply be sent to the magistrates court?
  12. I'm also in similar position to locotoro. I've written a letter to settle out of court. However, I hadn't decided on my plea yet and only have a couple of days to send it off. I haven't received a reply from london underground. Is it worth ringing up the magistrates court to ask for an adjournment given that there's been a postal strike? B
  13. My point was: why does it matter what you put in your response when you are making a guilty plea?
  14. But doesn't a guilty plea mean that you will automatically get a conviction and therefore a criminal record?
  15. Thanks for the responses guys. A few questions. Obviously, i'd prefer to settle out of court, but is it better to phone them directly and try to persuade them to change their minds or write to them? Also, is it worth pleading guilty (i.e. a one off moment of madness) when trying to settle out of court? Cheers, B
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