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  1. Hey guys, So...I pre-ordered avp via Steam a couple weeks ago, I also picked up 2 other games that were on sale. I just downloaded the demo and tried it out, looks like avp won't run nicely on my pc so I've requested to cancel the pre-order. While they don't have a problem doing that ,they say they have to cancel everything I bought in my cart on that day and I have to repurchase it, also, if anything was in a sale and is no longer they are not responsibile for that. So effectively, if I purchase the 2 games back that I still want to play, its gonna cost me £10 to cancel th
  2. Well the reality is she didn't follow the T's&C's to the letter, which is why they refused it. She sent the vouchers back a month too early. I just feel the way the deal is designed is to help you make mistakes such as this, and with my mum being over 70, that they should give a little more leeway on this. Will see on monday I guess =/
  3. Hmmm well just rang back again, pushed the issue, 4 departments later and half an hour gone I've been told the person that deals with this is not in till monday, call back monday evening and they should have an answer for me. I'm not holding my breath on this....
  4. Hey guys, Thought i'd see if I could get some advice on this one. I recently sorted out car insurance for my Mum via hastings. I had to chase them up something rotten to get the £30 fuel vouchers through, eventually they came through and my mum started collecting her receipts. After getting one receipt from november, december and january she sent them off with the vouchers. Got a letter back today, claim denied because the postmark was too soon. After checking the leaflet it says that the receipts must be "posted within 14 days of the last day of the last month cl
  5. Well that is a serious concern, although i'm honestly not sure what the best course of action would be =/ Try speaking to dvla regarding the mot? Give consumer advice a call?
  6. So you bought the car in April, brakes died in July. 3 months.... Hmmm depends how much mileage you've done since buying the car, I would think the brakes only have to be mot standard at time of sale to cover the dealers back?
  7. Heh i'm tempted, but I don't have any issue with actually paying for a decent service. As i'm not getting great speeds atm, also, I'm worried that sooner or later they are going to try to back-charge me....
  8. Hey there, Just going on my own experience here. Depends what part it is thats failed, 9/10 "services" only include a "visual inspection of braking systems" which basically means they look at the discs/pads and tell you if they are worn, also brake cables but not much more than that. Is the warranty with vauxhall? Or with another car dealer? Did you have the services carried out by a vauxhall dealer? A lot of main dealerships are clamping down on "goodwill" gestures lately, due to recession and what not, if you had a Vauxhall warranty but had it serviced outside of main dealer
  9. Hey guys So here's the thing, been with Sky for over 2 years now, but recently considering switching to O2 due to some really good offers at the moment. Here's the thing: When I switched from Orange - Sky there was a HUGE mess up, I won't go into details but essentially Sky has two systems apparently, one that takes over the line and issues the hardware, and another that sets up email accounts & billing. The first system worked, the second, not so much. So for the last 2 years i've had FREE sky broadband, in the beginning i chased them about it, lots of phone call
  10. Hey guys, Another guy here that feels the need to register in a desperate plea for help Bought my Saab 93 (55) from Carcraft Lakeside 2 years ago now. Had it serviced last year (with them) This year, just before the service was due it started grinding into 5th gear, so I asked them to take a look at it when it was serviced. They assumed it was synchomesh problems and stripped the box to find out what the problem is. I wasn't too worried about it all cause I've got the NAC Guarantee right? I mean i've had it serviced within guidelines, the only parts on the gearbox the
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