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    DLC refund

    Hi I have recieved a couple of letters from DLC stating i have made an overpayment and i am entitled to a refund. I did pay off an old debt several years ago but have no idea if the ref number is anything to do with that. Are they a reputable company or is it a [problem]? Any help will be much appreciated many thanks JB
  2. Hi Many thanks I will see what happens best regards John
  3. Many thanks I will send it. But what if they ignore it and keep sending letters or worse put it on my credit file ? Regards JB
  4. That's correct they say I have been paying and I stopped in 2009 but I don't believe its mine
  5. There is nothing on my credit file but what's worrying me is the FO don't seem to be bothered Regards JB
  6. hi i cant find anything i was going through a bad divorce several years ago. i just want something with my signature on it. is that too much to ask or should i just pay anyone who asks for cash!! regards jb
  7. Thanks guys for replying so quick. I have never had a credit agreement at my parents address for over 28yrs. They are saying they have proof that I was paying up to 3yrs ago but they have only sent a statement via the FO who have said they believe it. I have spoken to the FO but it has made no difference. He sent me the Citi statement last Friday and I have to talk to him this week before he makes his final decision, which at the moment is in favour of Cabot. All I have asked for is a copy of the agreement. If they have statements etc, why don't they have the rest. It just seems to me that the
  8. Hi everyone. I have cabot chasing me for £750 from a Citi credit card and I have no idea of where it has come from. they would not give me any details, so I have reported them to the FO, but they say that Cabots records show that i paid money up to 2009. I have asked Cabot for proof (signed agreements etc) but they have ignored me. They have even ignored letters that I sent saying that i have lived at my present address for over 6yrs and never seem anything to with Citi until they started writing to me 18 months ago. The FO have just sent me a statement from Citi which cabot sent them as
  9. I have made a complaint to the CRA and I will send just that section to HFC many thanks
  10. Help please I have had letters from HFC stating that i owe them almost £3000 and my credit file states the same and that i am in default (the only default on my file) I defended this successfully and received a letter from HFC saying i owed nothing, they were sorry for incontinence and that my credit file would be updated accordingly. My credit file wasn't corrected so I wrote a letter and they replied by confirming it had been corrected but could i send them a copy of my file so they could check it. I also scanned and emailed the letters to experian and they contacted HFC but HFC t
  11. The company (Wescott) wrote to myself and the court and dropped the case as they couldn't provide an agreement number or documents to validate their claim. it would be a very important thing to look at all details of any claim against you as i actually overlooked the fact that they had no account number for the debt regards John
  12. Just to let you know that i won many thanks JB
  13. Ah ok I have sent it recorded delivery I have a couple of days i can also go in with another JB
  14. Hi Sorry do I post or hand deliver? JB
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