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  1. Thanks for the reply. As regards the CCA , I'm going to wait a while first. Apex have sent me a threatogram with an adittional middle initial , so that's not me. Once they have corrected that , I'm going to cry foul that they are now just making things up to make them fit. Once they have dug themselves out of that I'm going to start with "prove it" ( doubt it the card was taken out in 1983) If they can manage that I'll point out that the account has already been to court and been stayed. Once the bonecrushing weight of worry has gone and the fight back started ( I did in 2011) everthing gets a lot clearer.
  2. I have three defaults that are coming up for 6 yrs old ( 2 this month, 1 on Oct) On my credit history from noddle they show as default every month from then till now, with the balance decreasing until 2011 when I saw the ligh t / snapped and refused to pay anymore. Do those defaults automatically disapear after 6 yrs, or do I have to request Noddle to remove them ? There has been a flurry of activity on one this week when after being stayed for almost 2 yrs I've recieved a letter from Apex notifying that the debt has been transfered to them. As the account is in dispute ( if got as far as Weighmans going to a County Court and then offerening no evidence) I presume that they shoudn't have been sold this "Debt"? Thanks in advance for any answers and thanks for the advice I have spent the last X yrs absorbing.
  3. Thank for all the advice everyone, rather then fight on two fronts I think I will leave this one lie for the moment, until I have beaten off Capquest and Marbles.
  4. Thanks for the reply, and the welcome. Would all the above be be in one procedure or two /three?
  5. Last June I sent Weightman's who were acting as agents for Arrow a letter saying that I didn't believe that the debt I was paying off was legitimate and that I wanted a full breakdown of capital, interest and penalty charges. They huffed and puffed and eventually went to Northhampton to start proceedings. I defended , stating that they hadn't supplied the information that I had asked for and that their claim for capital and interest I believed also contained illegal penalty charges and I recieved a letter from the court saying that weightmans had a month to decide if they wanted to proceed and if not the case would be stayed. That letter was dated 30 Oct 2012, Nothing since then. Soooooo what now, do I just wait until they have another bite of the cherry or can I do something to move this on and bury it, or do I leave sleeping dogs lying?
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