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  1. When it says assetts, does this mean equity in your house?
  2. 3333333


    Can anyone explain what is exactly going to happen to DLA in the spending review please:???:
  3. Like others have said I think alot is down to your wording, what as your Wife been diagnosed with, regarding her back?
  4. PALS have contacted us today and said they have had a meeting with the contracters about this Orthodontists, because they have had 16 complaints. They have come back to us with the comment, they have a new Orthodontist starting Oct do you want to go back:-x Ho yes they have F***** my daughters teeth up so we will go back:shock: We have now left it for them to contact the specialist, to speed up the appointment.
  5. Yes the new Ortho who said he could not treat her, as written(yesterday) to the specialst, so it is a case of waiting, we have contacted PALS but she is on holiday until Tues, only 1 that works in our area for this issue:rolleyes: So it is a case of waiting again, but if it is to long we will persue a private specialist which the original Ortho will have to pay.
  6. I will try and be to the point. My daughter had a brace fitted nearly 2 yrs ago, at the time there was 2 orthodontists at the practice, within 6 months the one treating her left, which left only 1. They had no replacement so my daughter was transfered to the other. Over the months her appointments where cancelled and she went as long as 12 weeks which we have now been told is unacceptable. Her last visit at the beginning of the yr included bands being fitted, well as before she went 18weeks between appointments due to cancelations again. When she finally got in to see a temp Ortho sh
  7. Were you not in their presence when it was filled in:confused:
  8. This don't make sense, if you condition is worse, why state you can do these things easier? did CAB state this in your new claim?
  9. What reason was given to you for reducing your care componet.
  10. So are you using this letter as to the reason why you have lost it?
  11. Do you grt high rate mobility for your neck injury, if yes I would have thought it would have been that that would be in question and not your care part.
  12. What as the hospital report got to do with your care component? That is only telling you if your neck as improved.
  13. What reason did they give you for reducing the rate? Do you get high rate mobility for your neck injury?
  14. Still can't read them m8. Have you kept your previous claim forms and compared them??
  15. Can not read the attachment?
  16. As the title states can anyone give me any information on the complaints procedure against an Orthadontist please. Also I may be looking for compansation for my daughter, how can I do this. Any help/information would be good.
  17. Social Services will probably carry it all in their cars:rolleyes:
  18. Hi m8, yep understand that, but in theory it will be a new claim as I get the low rate mobility for a complete seperate illness. This started 3 months ago after a Cancer op, in which the month prior I received high rate care and low rate mobility indefinatly.
  19. So will this mean you can ask for a review of your current claim:confused: without filling out new forms.
  20. Thanks for the info m8. What is a revieq and a revieqw?
  21. Thanks, do you think she will have to fill all the form in or just the mobility section.
  22. My wife thinks the same:roll: Do you think I should proceed now orwait and see what happens after the physio.
  23. Good question that, I think they may be worried because this all started after I woke on the recovery bed from a Cancer op:roll: Physio as already suggested that would be my next port of call. No not done anything about filling anymore forms in yet, because I don't know wether this is going to be a permanent issue. The sticky issue here for me is I have been granted high rate care and low rate mobility indefinatly. I don't want to put my wife through the truma of having to fill the forms in again from scratch:evil:
  24. I have now been refered to a private Physiothrapist by my GP. I have had a couple of sessions with no improvement and he is heading towards a compressed disc, I have 4 more sessions booked to see if he can give me any pain releif+more freedom of movement. It as been nearly 3 months since this all started and I can not see any way forward with it, so the question is do I put another claim in now or wait to see if he can make a difference with my mobility?
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