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  1. Hello I have decided to go for bankruptcy to get a fresh start. My mental health has deteriorated and I just want it all to end. I would like some advice please. I have unsecured debts in my name around 45k. Our house is in joint names with negative equity or just breaking even. We have 2 dependent children. Our mortgage payments and other essential bills are up to date. It was my mess of unsecured loans and overdraft which I kept hiding until now. Am I correct in thinking that my interest in the house could be offered to my husband. Apart from the two bankruptcy forms I fill i
  2. The letter says they are writing to inform me that their solicitors will be taking me to county court and they are unable to withold this action unless the amount is paid in full.
  3. Hi Everyone. Last week 7/8/09 I sent a recorded delivery letter using one of the templates requesting a copy of the cca, I added £1 postal order and gave notification of new correspondence address. I received today a letter at the original address which did not confirm receipt of the recorded delivery letter and said they would be instructing their solicitors to take me to county court. Their letter is dated 12/8/09. No cca is provided. What should be my next move. Any advice appreciated. The debt is £15k including ppi at one point they did offer to reduce it to £10k:confused:
  4. What happens if they get myy cca request letter after they have sent me a statutory demand?
  5. If you ignore calls and letters from DCAs can they get together and make you bankrupt?
  6. Hi everyone Got back from Devon and got struck down with the lurgy! Just about resurfacing today. On the 27th received a text from MBNA saying contact us before 5pm for some v important info. I also had a letter from dca saying your case is being considered for legal action since then havent heard a peep out of them. What are they up to? Cant even be ill be without worrying about what going to happen next. Seems to be taking over my life. Doc just put me on anti-depressants for stress. Just wish it would all go away or at leat give me a break for a year so I can sort myself out.
  7. Just another thought. I had payment protection insurance - I have always been employed full time. Why was I sold this I haven't had any benefit from it. In fact MBNA got back in repayment more than the loan amount in payment protection
  8. Thank you for such a quick reply. I'm going to Devon for a few days, just to clear my head and then hopefully when I return can take things full on. This is the first place that has made sense. Wish I had found you guys sooner. Now I'm just going to ignore the text messages from MBNA and have a nice cup of tea.
  9. Hi I'm new to the forum and I'm in a real mess. I took out unsecured loans with Egg (10k), Barclays(15k) and Alliance and Leicester(10k) MBNA credit card (2k) Barclays overdraft (2k). Egg and Barclays loans were taken out before 2007. I was under a haze of anti-depressants and made really stupid choices. All my fault at the end of the day. So here I am now avoiding letters and phone calls from debt collection agencies. I wrote to Alliance and Leicester and Barclays 3 weeks ago and lied saying I was getting help with my debts and could I have 30 days cooling off period I also wrote to them an
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