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  1. I recieved a letter today stating the complaint that i made to the council regarding rossendales after trying to add 181.60 in charges on my account with the original amount being of the debt being 148.48 they have said that the bailift made a mistake without you help and advice i would not have asked about the charges the amount that should have been charged was 24.50 so a big diffrence they have also accepted for me to pay 30.00 a month after the bailifft demanded for the amount in full Thankyou so much for your help i wouldnt have got anywere without it
  2. many thanks for your help the bailifft never turned up on friday on saturday i recieved a letter stating that they have recieved my complaint ( i email the council the letter that hallowitch did for me ) what i would like to no is what happens now could anyone possibly do me a draugh letter that i can use stating a payment plan many thanks for all your help i wouldnt have got this far without you
  3. thankyou for all your help i am starting to feel a bit better about this i have sent the email to the council do i also send it to rosendales
  4. no its not a walking possesion well i dont think it is i never signed anything it has my name and address at the top and says bailiff removal magistrates liability order / distress warrant for unpaid council tax payment due in 24 hours 330.08 i have attended today with the intention of removing your goods and chattels were necessary to discarge the above debt and any additional enforcement costs incurres please note no further arrangements are acceptable and payment is now required in full by clear funds only i will re-attend at your address at my convenience and may remove g
  5. it is 330.08 he says is owed the only thing he left was a bailiff removal form with the the amount in writing at the top he has not left me anything with the breakdown on many thanks for all your help
  6. can i ring the coucil and pay the full amount owed to them if so what do i say to them any help with sending a email would be great
  7. i cannot see his name on that link how will i not have to give him the money on friday what will i say when he calls can he have me arrested or take my things
  8. all he gave me was a bailiff removal notice saying i had 24hrs to pay the full amount i dont own a car
  9. the llink comes up with no result found even when i put in rossendales i also asked on the phone about the breakdown of what is owed to the council and whet is owed to them and she said they carnt tell me that it is up to the bailifft to give me those details
  10. please can you help me again please i have contacted rossendale today and they are saying they can not do anything it is up to the bailifft to decide if i should pay the balance in full as he has said he wants the full amount by friday will i have to pay it even tho it is going to leave me very short for the week i have 4 kids i have to feed i dont no what to do shall i just pay them i am so confused as what choice i have
  11. many thanks for your help i have found a letter from the council stating the balance owed to them is 148.48 so the rest of the balance must be what rossendales are charging me i will give the council a ring tommorow and see if i can pay the full balance owed to them this week stating that rossendales have made a threat to arrest me if i dont pay 330 to them straight away when he did make the comment about getting me arrested and taking me to court all 4 of my children were stood with me and they got very upset about this thankyou for your help i will let you no how i get on tommorow hopeful
  12. do i have to pay the balance of in full or do they have to take it in instalments
  13. i never let him in the house he stood at the doorstep he never showed me how much is actually owed to the council and how much is owed to them just told me the whole amount owed my partner works and i recieve child benefit and family tax credit
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