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  1. Hi Homer67, we haven't got that far yet we are at the stage of sending me a note saying Do Not Park here again. It is actually an area at the rear of the property by the back door which the company secretary says is for emergency use but only at night and not in the daytime when he parks his car there for an hour at a time - he says anyone can park there in the day for a short period but not at night!? When I replied to his note I stated that I was not blocking the exit in any way and did emergencies only happen at night and not when he was parked. I also queried why there were no signs stat
  2. Thanks for your reply steampowered, I'll press on and ask them for proof that this is legally binding.
  3. I have just read the underlease again and I can't see any mention of how the management company can make rules or regulations. The Lease sets out many rules in the 'First, Second, Third and Fourth Schedule' such as not playing music loudly, paying service charge, not displaying notices in your window etc, but there is no mention of parking spaces except for a hand drawn diagram showing the building and 5 parking spaces.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I was advised to ask him to provide a Solicitors letter confirming that these previous 'decisions/rules' are legally binding as it was thought that they aren't. In another set of minutes dated 2007 the Company Secretary stated that, in relation to parking issues, he had consulted a Solicitor who advised that 'the management company shall make the rules in these matters, and can be implemented with a majority vote' - Does anyone know if this is true?
  5. I have lived in a block of 10 flats for 10 years, there is a residents management company of which I am a director along with the other 9 owners. I have just been told that at an AGM 11 years ago it was agreed (documented in the minutes) that parking is restricted to certain times of the day in a specific place and that as I parked there at night I must not do it again. There is nothing in the lease about parking anywhere at any time but my concern really is that I didn't know that I would have to abide by some majority decision made 11 years ago of which I knew nothing
  6. Hi, my partner has a ccj and as per the court pays a nominal amount each month. I want to ask them for a full and final settlement figure as I have some money that may be enough to pay it of - can I do this with a ccj in place? Is there anything I should be wary of considering the ccj is in place or is it the same as any debt you want to pay off ie getting them to confirm everything in writing etc? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. Thanks for the replies. He also has a ccj but there is no mention of that, and his credit score is satisfactory!? It does list all his previous addresses and I can't think of a reason why they wouldn't be there. The loans etc were taken out over 6yrs ago but it will be another few years before they are paid off. I really wanted to see if a recent Orange/Fredrickson/ debt was genuine - it is about 5 yrs old but like I said I couldn't believe that there were no debts listed at all. I have requested all info from Orange so I'll see what I get back from them. Thanks again for replies
  8. Sorry, I think I'm being incredibly thick! My partner has just got access to his credit report on line but despite having 3 debts with Lloyds (Cr cards and loans), and 3 with other companies, I can't see anywhere on the report which lists these? The reason we signed up for this report was to see if a new debt was genuine, but I can't find any of them. If someone could give me some advice, I'd be really grateful Thanks
  9. Hi dx100uk, how do you know if the debt has been written off even though they are still chasing you for the debt? Thanks
  10. My partner has recently been contacted by F I saying he had an Orange mobile phone debt for £4000 going back to 2007, and they are collecting it on behalf of Arrow Global. The mobile phone number checks out, but I asked F I to provide more information about the debt. All we have received is a statement from Orange via F I, with references to monthly 'invoices' and debit and credit amounts. I would really like to see all of these 'invoices' as 2 are for consecutive months for £1800 each. Who should I contact to provide me with a full breakdown of these monthly invoices as I would like to know h
  11. Re my earlier post, the Arrow statement date is Nov 1988
  12. He first took the Naafi card with the Army in 1987 and then it changed to a credit card with Arrow and they did issue statements (we have one dated Nov 88)., and finally it has ended up with Close Brothers (not sure of the date of this butit is certainly prior to March 09). My partner got in a mess with his finances and went to Baines & Ernst to sort everything out, and it was then that the CCJ happened (March 09) and B&E handled it for him as he didn't know what to do. I got involved in August 09 by writing to CB to ask for a copy of the agreement, a full statement of account, a si
  13. Thanks for your reply. Sorry, my partner now tells me this was a credit card debt originally with Naaffi in the Army (a card that could be only used in Naaffi shops), then sold to Arrow (in the form of a credit card with monthly statements) and finally Close Brothers. Are Close Brother not obliged to send statements etc at least annually as we have no idea how much the debt is now and what interest he is paying etc? Sorry again for mis-information!
  14. Thanks, when the solicitors took us to court we explained that we had defaulted on the payments as we followed the correct proceedure in requesting a copy of the loan agreement (sending £10 etc) but received no response from CB. However, the courts made no reference to this and proceeded to demand a statement of earnings etc. Do we need to send a new sar CB or can we do anything to enforce the request from last year? what if they don't respond again? Thanks
  15. Hi, my partner has a ccj on a loan which is now with Close Brothers (it has been with about 3 companies prior to CB) but we can't get a copy of the original loan agreement from CB to make sure it is enforceable. We requested a copy 12mths ago and despite sending 2 recorded delivery letters to CB etc we have had no response at all. As we got no response, we stopped paying the repayments and they took us to court (via their solicitor, Banner Jones) and had the repayments adjusted by the courts (after a statement of earnings they dropped the amount). We don't receive stat
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