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  1. I did not request the agreement, that is what they sent me when I took out the loan. Should I request an agreement?
  2. Hi steven No, i phoned up then on the phone they said they would give me a loan and sent me an the application form. Does this make a difference? Thanks
  3. Hi supasnooper, The loan was taken out on 21/11/05. If this agreement is not enforceable what should i do next? Thanks for your help
  4. Hi everyone, just been reading about the credit agreements on here and i have a loan with MBNA myself. Can anyone please tell me if my CCA on my loan is enforceable. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  5. Hi everyone, i have posted my two agreements in the above two posts now. Does anyone have any advice on these two agreements? Any help appreciated. Thanks Tom
  6. Hi Maroondevo52, thanks for doing that. Will my response come up on this post or somewhere else? When you open my scans are the files coming up big enough? Regards
  7. Thanks for your help, I have managed to scan the agreements and i have uploaded them as file attachments. The first agreement is attached to this post and the second agreement to the post below.
  8. Hi, I currently have two unsecured personal loans which i took out in 2006/2007. One was through virgin loans which seems to be with mbna and the other was with hsbc. I have been reading the forums on here and it seems some of the loan aggreements are not enforceable. I would appreciate any help in finding out if my credit aggrements are enforceable and what do i need to do? Thanks for any help
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