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  1. My card isnt with goldfish its just with Barclaycard and surly the cfa will want to know why i feel the data is incorrect? also do the CFA have the power tell barclays to remove my data based on the fact they cannot find it ? also what if they do find it send it to the cfa and it is simply unenforceable? only a judge can do that i have been told?
  2. hi citizenb is the CPR31.16 the initial letter sent off to request a copy of your agreement ?
  3. ah yes i bet thats a tricky one ! my barclaycard is stand alone i bank with someone else thankfully. im sure someone on her could advise you on whats best to do though:)
  4. uptoneck do you have a barclays bank accoun then?
  5. Umm i see car so the FSA is a waste of time as is the information commision! oh well lets just wait and see what they come up with no doubt just the usual like everybody else!
  6. No im not talking about asking them to make a ruling on enforceability but they can certainly demand that barclays fulfill there legan obligation to provide me a copy of my CCA and if they dont i can complain to them they are in breach of this and ask them to pursue it and then stop payment this would also show very completly that the account was in dispute so if they still passed it to a DCA this is a further breach is it not?
  7. Thats what i mean Car so are you saying the only way to get this all resolved is to force them to take you to court? because how or why would they do that unless you stopped payments? which brings me back to continuing payments but when they fail to provide what they have to then taking this up with the FSA OR (AND) OMBUDSMEN so that there is more pressure on them then maybe stop paying if the ombudsmen say they have a case against them this i think would also make it less likely to go to court if i have further evidence from another authority body which may just make them give up at that poin
  8. So from your post car are you implying that stoping payments is just another neccisary step as this forces them to make more mistakes? i dont really mind going to court but like you say for me i have to be 100% sure i have a cast iron case !
  9. Yeah it seems a funny point really because i understand you may need to stop paying to put the pressure on them, after alll if they ignore your requests and you keep paying i dont guess it will go much further! i was wondering though if maybe you could keep a record of the letters sent and the details of dates etc and any correspondence and after you have given them may be 2 months so 2 more payments you could go to the ombudsmen and pursue it that way and avoid all the chasing etc and maybe then once it was in there hand you would be in a better possition to stop paying once you receive word
  10. Hi dave good to hear that! when did you take your agreements with barclaycard out? also how long did it take you with them and did you have to go all the way to court to get them declared unenforceable or did they give up before hand ? did you follow whet everyone has done here i.e requesting CCA then a follow up then stopping payment and being chased by a DCA etc any advice or things you did you would advise me to do? or things you did you would do different if you had to do it again? Thanks dave
  11. Yep will do jeff ill need someone to have a look and give me advise on it so ill get it on as soon as they send me anything !
  12. Yeah sent it off today so im hoping that they will get back to me but who knows ! i have a follow up letter ready though
  13. hahahahah well ahead of me car
  14. Hi jeff yeah started it not had many coments yet though
  15. I think so iv read a few car so iv looked at the templates they used and tried to see if that will help so fingers crossed! i guess we will find out when they send me something back, if they do of course! id be happy with a deal out of court but just have to see what they come up with im sure ill have something to scan in and hopefully someone can take a look and see and give me some advice:confused:
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