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  1. Ace looks like Im going to have a fight on my hands!! Thanks guys x
  2. Brilliant thanks, so because they haven't replied to me with any type of cca I can send this letter to all four dreditors? Thanks L x Also there are defaults on all four accounts does mean that if they fail to provide me with a cca can I fight to get the defaults removed. I completely understand there is no way of 'writing off the debt' I just want my partners credit report to improve so we can move out! x
  3. Anybody know where I can find the account in dispute letter? Thanks L x
  4. Hi It has now been over 12 days since I sent cca request for all of my partners creditors. So far I have only received a letter from halifax which I replied with a account in dispute letter. Could anybody help me with what to do now please? Many Thanks L x
  5. Good Morning, I just need some advise please concerning loan ppi. I have received a statement from my lloyds loan this morning its only a small amount of £1000 and only have five hundred left to pay but I noticed a charge of £150 for payment protection insurance? Am I right in thinking I can get this back because I dont remember agreeing for it? But I did take out the loan online? Any advise greatly appreciated. Lenny x
  6. Hi sorry another question, this is for me now I have just checked my credit report to see how it is. Every thing on it is fine apart from that I have received a default on old T mobile account which I thought I had cleared. I dont remember seeing any paper work. Anybody know what I can do here? Thanks Len x
  7. Ok So i can find the template of the letter on here? L x
  8. Oh brilliant thanks, Will let you know what reply I get?! L
  9. Hi not sure If I have started this in the correct thread?! To cut a long story short partner has lots of debt which only found out about last month. We went through all debts and started a payment plan which he has kept up for last three months but struggling. One of them is Halifax credit card which I think was taken out in 2003 I received the following back and wanted to know what to do next? Advise greatly appreciated! Halifax.pdf
  10. So I will send that letter to halifax today and see what they come back with Thanks Guys x
  11. Sorry is what halifax have sent back definitely not a cca then? Just trying to figure it out! Slowly getting there I think. Partner can now sleep at night so thanks again for all advise. L x
  12. I have had a similar reply from halifax but it doesn't give me a signed agreement just stating it does not have to send me one and pages of terms and conditions. Not sure what to reply with either to be honest very new at this! But trying to get it sorted so we can sleep at night again! L x
  13. I sent them a cca request and they sent back a few pages of terms & conditions etc I have attached it earlier in the thread. Not sure if what they have sent is correct. Still quite new at all this so advise greatly appreciated. L x
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