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  1. Yes I know and I didnt receive that until the 29th as had problems with computer and couldnt get to emails on hotmail account But hey, have decided not to lose any sleep over it and wait and see what happens. Am so fed up with it all, and I plan to win the lottery this weekend and be able to tell them to stuff it lololololol
  2. This is the response I have received from the email that I sent. Pretty blunt of them I must say. I have responded by telling them that my property is already on the market and that as soon as it sells I had every intention of paying them back Dear We acknowledge receipt of your recent email. Our client is not prepared to accept your offer of repayment at the rate of £15.00 per month as it will take an additional 19 years for the debt to be repaid at this rate. Our client has therefore requested we commence legal proceedings in an effort to obtain a Final Charging Order again
  3. Update (after much hassle on my part sorry for any confusion caused elsewhere) Hi I have been reading all your helpul comments and have ustilised a few of them but now Restons have sent me a two sentence letter and I quote:- 'we have now been informed that the requested information has been forwarded to you. Further to your email our client is not prepared to accept your offer of repayment at the rate of £15.00 per month and we have been instructed to commence legal proceedings against you.' This arrived on Saturday 21 November and first thing today I have sent them another
  4. Sorry making a mess of this will stop now
  5. Thanks Rob I think I have the default note somewhere - will have to hunt a bit I'll move this post to a new thread as you suggest Sue
  6. Deleted and moved to new thread
  7. Hi Just wanted to update all on the situation. I received and email back from Reston Solicitors (I told them in my letter to them that I wanted them to contact me that way), stating that they appreciated my request for the CCA and would await 'direction' from HFC before they 'reverted' back to me (whatever that means). In my letter I explained to them that I was in no position to pay the full amount back in one go and that I would continue to pay the monthly £15 as had been previously agreed as and when I could. Suppose the outcome is better than I had expected to be hone
  8. Thanks Priority. You have been most helpful in this and I feel a lot better about it. I got home from work to a letter from them last night. It was requesting a full financial declaration of incoming, outgoing, assets etc etc etc it also stated that I should pay the full outstanding amount due by 30 July. The funny thing is, the letter was dated 22 July and has therefore taken 5 days to get to me!!! I have followed up my recorded delivery letter to them with a strongly worded email telling them that I will bring the outstanding payments (£45 being 3mths at £15) up to date by the e
  9. No payments have been made through paying in book at bank to Beneficial Finance. Funny thing to note though - when I was looking at lunchtime on the BF website to get head office addy there is a big notice there to say they are closing their offices!!!!! Anyhow, have now sent CCA to HFC Head Office and copied Restons into the loop. Am thinking of emailing them as well with the letters attached (but not from work) and have also added a note on the bottom to tell them NOT TO PHONE ME AT WORK. Will keep you posted and once again thanks for all your help with this.
  10. Just one other quickie question. The CCA request letter, am I sending this to Reston Solicitors and assuming that they have obtained the debt from HFC? or do I write to HFC and copy in Restons. Sorry am probably being thick here
  11. Thanks to both of you - I will postpone returning their phone call I think until I have sent off the CCA request.
  12. you are an absolute angel thanks x:)
  13. Ok so are there any templates on this site to use for the CCA request?
  14. Thanks for responding so quickly. I appreciate the advice you have given me. I don't plan to phone them just yet, going to wait until lunchtime. Keep them sweating haha like they have just made me do. I do own a property yes and it's on the market at this present time, for other reasons lol. There are no unlawful fees/charges on this account. I will of course send anything I agree with them back tot hem in writing AND keep copies for my own records. Thanks again PS: Will post the outcome of the phone call later today.
  15. Hi Am after some advice prior to making a phonecall to Reston Solicitors this morning. I took a loan out with HFC (now Beneficial Finance) in September of 2003. To-date I have only £3k left to pay but have fallen on financial hardship (as per the rest of the nation) and wrote to them to arrange a new repayment plan. I managed to get them to accept £15 per month. However, I have not even been able to pay that for the last two months but can bring this outstanding amount up to date at the end of this week (pay day). I have today received a call from Reston Solicitors (I
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