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  1. Sorry. Good luck with your battle:)
  2. Please please can you help. I am totally new to all this. I now live in Australia and have had to leave an MBNA credit card debt of around £2k behind me. I need to keep this from my husband and there was no way I could make arrangements to clear it without him knowing as I have given up my job to come here. Stupidly, I just stopped paying them. They have no forwarding address and though neighbours have probably told them I am in Australia, they dont have my address here. I have received this email from them (M Arnott) though: Hi xxx Your account is currently 6 months in arrears and pre default, your balance is £2859.56 and arrears on the account are at £573.90. We have 3 options of what we can do to assist you. We can restructure your account if you make 3 payments of £100.00 for September, October and November, this will bring your account and credit file back up to date. Short settle your account for £1500.00 and this would bring your account to an end. Long term arrangement to pay I would need your income and expenditure on the form enclosed, I can look at stopping interest and charges and reducing your monthly payments to a more manageable amount each month. Please email me in regards to which option you think will be suitable towards your needs. What should I do? I was, probably in vain, wondering if I reply, saying I have absolutely no money or job and offer £100 as a token one off to clear the account they might bite? Should I tell them I am in Australia (but not give them the address) hoping they will give in? Any advice would be very helpful but please, as I am new to this, make it as simple as you can. Many many thanks, Katy.
  3. Thank you. I have had a look on the forums and yes, they are very helpful. I suppose its a case of just waiting to see what they do next now. I only hope they dont try to contact my husband through is job, which would be easy to trace if the neighbours have passed on any info. Thank you so much for your replies, Katy xx
  4. Hello all, So glad I found this site. I am absolutely terrified that debt I left in the UK will contact me here. My husband knows nothing about it and it would kill our marriage for him to find out. Basically, I owed about 2K on 2 different cards. Egg and MBNA. I then moved to Australia. I emailed the companies to tell them I was having difficulty and that I could not pay and that I would not have a contact address for them to contact me. I have since found out that a debt collection company has called on my neighbours, my mum AND HER NEIGHBOURS TOO!! I then got an email from NCO Europe asking me to call them. I know it was wrong, but i have just ignored all this hoping it would just go away. I have been in Australia for 6 months now. I have just had another email from NCO Europe but the email address is international@NCOeurope So I am worried that they know I am in Australia (prob from a neighbour) and my fear is that they will find me and blow the whistle with my husband. I have just replied to the email saying I live abroad, am not aware of any UK debt and that any further contact from them will be regarded as harrassment and reported to trading standards and ultimatley the police. Do you think I have done the right thing? And do you think that they would chase me in Australia for the debt? I really hope that somebody will be able to give me some advice on this one. Thank you, Katyoxford.
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