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  1. Thanks BM. Presumably send a CCA to Blair etc. or direct to the Halifax ?
  2. So can I send a letter recorded and stored safely offering a F&F settlement and then a DCA ? Is a DCA a CCA ?? Thanks for your ongoing support
  3. Thank AO.. I have just been blown away by the different points. He apparently appealed the first one online, although never filed a defence and did nothing with the second. I dont think the issue is the CCJ itself, so long as he can agree sensible repayment of the debt - he accepts it was his debt. I am just still not sure how best to channel the fac the is willing to start some form of repayment. Thanks so much once again
  4. Really looking to strike while the iron is hot on this one and get a letter out tomorrow recorded delivery, offering a full and final amount. Still torn on what % I should offer so any advice is gratefully received.
  5. thanks. silly question but what is a set aside and what does it entail ??
  6. Thanks S - posted before seeing last post. The amounts are about £5k each and they were both on loans that were £200 a month each. I do not think they will ever be able to afford this - any ideas what the likely monthly payments will be ? and how this can be influenced ? They are currently not using bank accounts due to charges etc. so are purely living in a cash society
  7. To be honest not sure I really understand the implications or parts of the question He got them whilst he was at his old address (owned and repo'd 2 weeks ago) and did nothing with them. I have seen the CC paperwork and it just says pay them. Happy to answer any additional questions as I am pretty sure I now have full truth - finally
  8. Sorry thinking out loud after post, he is very difficult to track down and the courts just said pay the balance. All the correspondance will be going to the repossesed house and I think he is on the electoral roll so surely wont take too long to track him. Not sure what nasties they can pull as he is in rented accomodation and self employed. Any fore warning would be helpful though... To be honest I am really helping now as I only found out about this at the weekend and they have a beautiful 6 month old to look after.
  9. Thanks people. I totally agree it makes me super nervous for them that they have gone through the court process. I cannot afford the £10k on these 2 CCJ's so any advice on where we can go to strike some sort of agreement ? Grateful for your help.
  10. Hi and thanks for your quick response. He has pretty much buried his head on this one and has not done anything since they were issued 6 months ago. He has moved away from that address and has had no further correspondence. I have never really had credit so do not understand some of the terms, just trying to support them both where I can. I am certain he is able to pay some monthly contributions towards these, although did not go to court so I and he are unsure of the way forward.
  11. Hi all, Found this site over the weekend and have been getting some great advice on another part of the site re a real mess my daughter and her other half have got in over the last few years. I am trying to obtain a solution to her mess from there. In relation to her other half, he has had a couple of CCJ's for £4.5k each about 6 months ago from Halifax and has about £20k outstanding elsewhere. Their plan was to go b/rupt although I have some money available to help them if I can. Now he has made offers to various debt companies and most seem to be playing ball, however I am n
  12. So I spoke with them on the phone and told them if they did not reduce I would have to support my daughter through b/ruptcy. They told me they had a bankruptcy department and happy to go through the channel, even when I made it clear that she has no assets or cash. Any ideas on when I send my letter what % I should offer, they already dismissed my offer of £5,000 vs £18k debt. The debt is on 2 loans and 1 credit card running for approx. 4 years, in arrears with token payments paid for last 5 months !!
  13. Thanks TM... Has no-one had a success with B/OS on coming to an arangement for full and final ? The fact the lady asked her manager re my offer gives me some hope, rather than dismissed out of hand... ???
  14. I understand the sentiments of some of your opinions/views however I am only in the UK for part of the year and am not comfortable leaving this in my daughters hands to deal with appropriately. I understand this may clash with the ethics of the site, although just after some practical support to solve this is the most effective manner for us. I can just about afford to lend the money to them to pay the reduced amounts, although the Blair etc. HBOS enforecers are the only ones not playing ball... I do value your opinions though so thanks again.
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