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  1. Thank you all for your advice and quick responses. Is it not a good idea to send them a letter stating for example " I sent a valid and lawfull request on x/x/09 which you have failed to comply, please amend you records immediately etc. Many thanks
  2. Hi all, I have an issue with these cretins which hasn't seemed to end, I received a letter in early July claiming that I owe them x amount of money, if I pay within a 7 day period I would get a discounted rate etc etc. So I read loads of posts on this forum and took the excellent advice given, so I sent off a request for the so called agreement stating I do not acknoledge any debt to them and they have 12 days to comply (I kept a copy of the template letter sent) sent a £1 p/o also and by recorded/special delivery. This was on 24/7/09 received a letter back a week later saying thanks for your letter, we've passed the details to the appropriate department, 4 weeks passed and heard nothing, so they defaulted right? It is now 25/10 and guess what? I've recieved the exact same letter I recieved in early July, it's as if they totally disguarded my letter. So my question to you guys should I send a letter with the origional letter I sent saying they have defaulted my request or should I start the process again but this time after the 12 days send a letter then the next stage send another letter etc. Your help is grately appreciated many thanks
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