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  1. Hi , my parents have asked me to find out whether anyone can offer any legal advise related to a charging order issued to them over a bad debt that is in my name. Basically, a well know finance institution messed my loan account up and as a result messed by once excellent credit history up which as a result saw me tumble and not care about my credit due to what was the point! anyway, the account went into default and subsequently solicitors acting for the lending company issued a ccj against myself and the judge at the time ordered me to pay an amount which I have stuck to. How
  2. would the judge help me sort out the many problems ive had in relation to the account - i have paperwork after paperwork - i only gave up when i realised id hit a brick wall that no matter what i did right, the direct debt set up wouldnt work.....i cant physically pay manually for things each months, its too impossible....imagine it, tv license, council tax, sky, car insuarance, credit cards (all of them) ... you get the drift....! imagine having to remember each month and somehow getting the time to phone, hang round waiting for the answer, bore yourslef silly with the security questions, re
  3. i have acknowledged on the basis that i do know that the amount claimed is the true reflection of what is owed, monies payed to them as no supporting documentation was provided.
  4. meant to say, the 2nd problem was that money showed to come out of my account but then returned to my account the same/next day and this is where it continued to stand no matter how much i pleaded for it to be fixed, even to the point of requesting the loan be reset up again!!!!!
  5. cheers Basically ive been dyeing for my day in court, kind of to have my say, although i dont really know the court system and whether they listen/care! what happened - 2007, i applied online for a tesco loan. was approved (credit rating was excellent, never missed payments). paperwork sent out, i signed dd mandate, returned - in the meantime money was deposited into my account. money was available in my account for direct debits - set it up so payments came from a second account i had, put £500 in this account so couple of months could come out, then transfer another £500 etc
  6. thanks the POC of the form states The claimants claim is in repsect of monies due pursuant to an account maintained with the claimant. and the claimant claims: 1. 5,533.23
  7. thanks david for your help so far...have clicked and forwarded on a message 2 the moderators.....
  8. thanks David when the agreement was set up, the bank account number details recorded on the agreement and the direct debit mandate was that of someone elses although the money was paid into my account - as much as i tried to resolve this, no matter what i did, the bank continued to mess up my credit history to the point of rock bottom.
  9. hi, just checking the photos are in the correct format to be seen?
  10. Pictures by stevie23222 - Photobucket hi, was trying to attach photos on to here but didnt work out well...this way seems easier to zoom and view - 4 photos - 1st 3 are of my copy agreement not signed divided into 3 parts to make it easier to view - 4th photo is part of the letter sent. thanks
  11. thanks David. i dont have a copy of the agreement to hand, i did have but misplaced it a while back but do remember that the copy agreement i had didnt have my signature, date on it. i can write off for a copy but in the meantime, how should i complete the claim form to give me more time to allow the bank to send the copy agreemenet form without winding them up!
  12. hi. hope im in the right forum group for this and apogise if not, im a newbie. been looking at other peoples posts (googled) and some very good people in here with some very good knowledge so was hoping to test my problem out!! ive recieved a N1 CPC form against a loan i took out - paid some of it but because of problems with the payment set up, letters of complaints left right and centre and still no closer to being solved. anyway, on one of these letters, a high department of the company sent me a letter which included the comment 'you applied on the internet, details you prov
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