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  1. No worries - thanks Rooster Just one point is that the garage is a chain and not 'local' as such. Wouldn't want independants getting a bad name
  2. Hey Geoff. it failed on: 1) Offside reg plate lamp not working - this was working 2) Offside headlamp aim too low - apparently just an adjustment was needed 3) nearside headlamp aim too low and too far to right - as above 4) Centre exhaust has a mounting that it does not fully support the exhaust system - just a clamp was broken 5) Offside front 9at claiper) brake system leaking - 2 copper washers were needed and the leak was very fresh. looked like it had been tampered with I see what your saying. It wasn't the MOT that riled me but the company as a whole. The handled it ter
  3. Hey Geoff. They sure did. I paid £53 for the 'MOT'.
  4. Of course its correct. I've got better things to do than make all this up. I have evidence of all documentation too. ;-)
  5. Guys. This is just a tale regarding an MOT I had done at a local garage. I've just put facts in - which I can back up with documentation - the original MOT, the 2nd garages MOT and all correspondence On the 30th January I took my car into a local garage for its MOT. On arriving to pick up the car I was quoted £550. With regards to the quote the mechanic said he could do it for a lot less which made me want a second opinion. So off I went On taking it to a second garage we were told that there was hardly anything wrong with the vehicle. A couple of things needed fixing but the car
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