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  1. ye the court orders says he would take on all debt taken out but the loan company say its in her name so she has to pay it
  2. she has not went to court about it yet as he is not working now (packed his job in cos the csa were after him he was on over 120k a year) and thinks there is no point cos she will still have to pay it cos he is not working. she is still paying the loan to the loan company but i think she should get the loan protection to pay it as she is not in work at the moment but they say there is none even tho the aggrement says there is
  3. hi this is my first post and i am looking for a bit of advice my partner has a loan that she took out when she was with her x husband as part of the divorce he was to take on a debt but has stopped paying the loan that was in her name i took a look at the loan agreement and it has both there signatures on it would this mean he has a part to pay ?? it also has a box ticked to say she has payment protection but thay say there is none?? she also took out this loan when she was not working and it was for 15k is this the norm?? and advice would be wellcome she is still paying the payments but as she is not working i think she can use the payment protection to do this at least till she has taken her x to court to get the money back
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