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  1. Unfortunately that is true of some cases. I know its a lot of trouble changing etc but I would be completely the same. Its the principal now. Mine wasnt a business account but still, the core problem was the same and Im sorry Im not using o2 anymore as they really are a good company but Like I said its the principal. Good luck with your complaint!
  2. That is WELL wrong. They did the same thing to me, and I too was tempted but my conscience got the better of me so I told them the mistake they made. They sent me a new jiffy bag thing to put the phone back into, all I had to do was take it to the post office and hand it over. Have you got details of names etc, I would definitely write a complaint. HOW RUDE! by the way I was well impressed by O2's professionalism until recently, I think they have a bad batch of staff at the mo!
  3. So true about them not having a job if we didnt have these accounts. bl**dy cheek ringing you 10 days before the payment is due though. Thats definitely a form of harassment. How dare they assume you need reminding just because you missed the last payment. If they really wanted to help you, they could start wiping your fees off thus reducing the amount you owe, not asking for money before its due! Good luck, and keep us/me posted!
  4. I was thinking about opening a citi account so thought I would check out these threads first...they seem to be just as bad as the other banks but what are their standard charges? ie £30 for returned dd/so? they do seem more reluctant to play ball than the other banks!
  5. download openoffice from OpenOffice.org: Home it worked fine for me!
  6. Not that Ive come across as yet, keep looking though. If you need to reply, send them what they are asking for with an accompanying note along the lines of 'I would like to draw your attention to my letter dated xx in which I gave you xx amount of days etc, that still stands and you now have xx amount of days' Stand your ground.
  7. Good for you, I agree with you about all these institutions....trouble is, they are all the same. From what Ive read so far, I don't blame you for not messing about, although Id send a letter to all available addresses I have for citi...just to be on the same side!
  8. I would send to both. wont do any harm!
  9. Phil_charman had success with 'yes', it might be an idea to read his thread, I found it on the same page your thread is on.
  10. Well done, a great straight to the point no messing letter! and congratulations on the new addition to your family!
  11. Thankyou Michael Browne you saved me alot of searching (which I was doing now as it happens!)
  12. Im searching through this site for details about court procedures...should it get that far. I really need to know what were doing here and at the risk of sounding dumb, is their any pages on this site that talks you through these procedures (taking LTSB to court?) Like I said, we need to know what were doing, at least to sound like we do! and you all do! ta x
  13. Ok, thanks I am more clear with the abbrev.s lol, we will do LBA tomorrow with revised charges, again thanks for your advice
  14. Thanks for that, Will include that in the letter! Should we go ahead with the second letter if we get a similar reply?
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