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  1. Hi i am currently in Payplan with STW to pay £55 per month and not missed a payment in over 2 years i did however change pay method from DD to online bank transfer, but never missed by payments To my horror they are reporting that I have missed payments When I ask them that say it because I stopped paying by DD it does not matter if I continued paying or not, they will report as not paid Are they allowed to do this, it’s put me in hardship, can’t remortgage because of this blip Taken to end level complaint and still they
  2. They responded to to my offer of paying minus the fees, by providing the bank details to pay to. So thanks for the advice mate. Before I pay I will get them to confirm in writing that they will tell the courts it's settled. Thank you
  3. They have changed names since I left, but the claim form says I worked for the new entity, which I did not. Issued by managing director who is the same person still.
  4. It's from Salford. Right will try option 1, and will email the offer. Will keep updated
  5. Thanks, which form should I send back in reply do you think? I am going to pay back the amount they deposited in error but not the fee, what is my argument - that the new PAP rules have not been adhered to in terms of pre protocol pre action re paragraph 3 -'something along these lines?
  6. My ex employer accidentally paid money into an account of mine a year after I left. They called me about it and we exchanged emails where I accepted money was deposited but to a overdrawn account and offered to repay x amount a month, this was also offered on a telephone conversation which ended in the claimant saying he is calling the police. I emailed again saying x amount would be put aside each month, and I would pay them it once a plan accepted. They replied saying it's best not to communicate, and wait for legal process. I did not hear anything from them for near
  7. Hi Was hoping for some advice. I pay my c tax monthly, and last September was on JSA, I notified the council, they proceeded to cancel entire bill and send me cheque for everything I had paid to that point. I called them, pointed out someone has made an error and posted cheque back to them - which they the put back on my account as a liability. I got new job in October and started paying monthly again. When the new 2017 bill arrived it said I was £53.33 overdue for previous year and so paid £50 on that day. A few days later I paid another £50 then a few days later another £80 - £1
  8. Hi there, I just wanted ask where I would stand in a situation where the lender has failed to take monthly DD payments for 12 months. The account was a savings account so the money was always there, and I rarely checked it like I would my current account. The first I found out was a phone call asking me why I have not paid for 12 months, I asked them why nobody has contacted me sooner....... Basically I had to speak to my bank to get any answers, the DD was set up by the lender but they had never tried to take any money, I told lender this and their tune changed. They th
  9. They have accepted the resignation but advised I will be an employee until notice period runs out. They are fully aware I will not be returning. So I just want to be sure they wont give any adverse references about me. Its crazy to think if there were no disabled dependants then there would have been no issue. Thanks for the adviice
  10. I thought parental was for pre known events and dependants leave was for emergencies? The irony is I could have just called in sick on day of appointment, but glad I didn't as its not a long term answer. Its first time I have worked for such a small company though and its quite a shock in comparison.
  11. Hi all I have been working for a company for 6 months and it has been nearly impossible to get time off for hospital appointments for my sons epilepsy. The first occasion i ended up using my anual leave and took a day off. I felt under pressure and was new at the time. Now they will not allow me the time off for a second appointment. Its implied that its too busy to allow me time off. I also have diabetes and have missed a couple of appointments due to the pressure of not taking time off. This came to a head with me walking out as despite giving 6 weeks notice, and my
  12. Hi there Just wanted some advise as my employer made me permanent a couple of months back but my pension has still not been set up (non contributory - so 2 months contributions not met by them ) and also they gave me Bupa health insurance, but still not had any scheme details. I have asked a couple of times for progress check, but they just reply saying the pension company will contact me. Am worried as I know a colleugue who has been here over a year and pension not been set up. Its a joke offering benefits and then not setting them up, or waiting till the employee chases
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