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  1. Natwest have put the money back, 2 days after I notified them that I hadn't authorised the account. They then got the money back from British Gas. Natwest told me that any charges caused by the unauthorised DD must be claimed back from BG - that's what I am doing - BG have said they will reimburse if I can send them proof I cancelled the DD. However Natwest appear to have removed all signs of the original 2 DDs.
  2. its probably me not explaining very well British gas took £400 odd Natwest put the money back in my account as I told them that I hadn't authorised the direct debit to be set up. (i thought this bit was the indemnity claim - obviously not) thats all that happened.
  3. sorry maybe I used the wrong term, I thought it was an indemnity claim when they reversed the DD and put the funds back in my account. thank you for the reply, I will see my bank on Monday about what you said.
  4. Hello! I am currently trying to get £852 of charges that Natwest made on my account - I am trying to get them back from British Gas however - as it was 2 unauthorised direct debits which caused all the charges ( i have posted about this before on here, I cancelled the DD in March, but they created new ones and took final bill payments in May). I will try to be as clear as i can, its a bit complicated ! Anyway BG have contacted me to ask for proof that I cancelled the DDs (they say they will pay me the £852 as soon as I do this and they will then chase the bank as BG say the bank is
  5. Is that not the case if its what was mentioned by vint1945 - if its full and final does it go on the credit record for less time then? Well seeing as they seemed to be trying it on some way or another I told them I wasn't prepared to continue - I couldn't pay within the 10 days anyway! They said I will have to continue to pay via payplan - which is £1 a month while I am on Maternity leave. I asked if I was to get the £580 together and contact them again in a few months would they accept the reduced amount and she said they would consider it - BUT when i do I will ask that the letter
  6. I will type the text ''Following your recent communications with us regarding an offer of settlement ,we confirm your offer of £581.20 has been accepted in Partial Settlement of your account (they initially approached me and I rang them to say ok send me a letter to confirm) This offer is conditional upon payments being received by the dates specified below. Upon receipt of the full settlement amount, we confirm that no further action will be taken to recover the remaining balance and your account will be registered as a partial settlement with the credit reference agenecies for 6 y
  7. No, it says they confirm no further action will be taken to recover the outstanding balance - so I have that in writing - if they sold it to a DCA that would be 'further action'
  8. well...the letter definitely says Partial Settlement, then further down says we confirm that no further action will be taken to recover the remaining balance and your account will be registered as a partial settlement for 6 years So they are saying if I pay £581 , they are writting off £1000 pretty much! I was surprised to get it but I rung to confirm the amount - they never told me the 60 days didn't apply until the letter came, I rang today to say I cant pay in 11 days! She said it used to be 60 days but as of 1st September it all changed - but 11 days to pay from the day i got th
  9. Hello! I have been paying MBNA via my payplan agreement for some years now. Out of the blue I had a Partial Settlement offer of £581, I owed £1680. I was pleased with this and took them up on it (I would struggle to pay it but it was just about manageable after a work bonus and over 2 months) - however I just had the letter today confirming it - they require £33 by tomorrow (which luckily I can do as my bank does instant payments) but they want the rest £548 by 10th October. I called them up and said I thought I had 60 days to pay this...she says they are very strict and thats
  10. Actually I am in the same situation - I apparently owe BG £600 - from Aug 08- May09 - I had been paying £40 a month DD, then when I move to EON the final bill from BG was £750 ish ( paid the £150 at the time)...however I am disputing the bill as I believe the metre is incorrect - I think it is reading way too high. So if the OP's sister doesnt think she should owe that much then I would suggest if they do come and change the metre then she needs to make sure she gets theold one tested - she needs to make sure other wise they just get lost in the system and she will never know. I currently
  11. thanks for the reply! I did eventually get the bank to pay me the £464 back - however they refused to refund the charges - they said I needed to chase British Gas for them...I am sure they are both equally to blame for allowing the DD to go through. I have reworded my letter and put the court proceedings part in there too - I will do it, I am not taking any messing of them lol. I will go and have a mooch around this forum for some info on taking them to court........as I fairly sure they wont respond in 14 days!
  12. Hi BankFodder, thanks very much for the replies, and on my other thread! Yes the Wattson is the most expensive I saw - I went for that one becuase of what you said - I can download the readings each day (the software is free to download and it comes with the cables) - the graphs are really good and show Power/Energy/Cost/CO2 used in 5 minute segments, or daily, monthly etc. It then gives an estimate of the year based on that....it can cope with the 2 rates of electric too. It really is an eye opener, since getting it I have replaced all the 40w&60w bulbs with Philips 8w Energy Sav
  13. Hi I am in the process of trying to reduce a ridiculous bill and get bank charges back from British Gas, as they set up 2 direct debits illegally and caused me £852 of charges over the following months (explained below) ...I have written all the facts but I am unsure of my rights on this really, so would like someone if they know to read it and see if I should write anything else or different? ''Complaints Management Team, British Gas, PO Box 3054, Eastbourne, BN21 9FD My Account Number ##### – Electricity & Gas supplied to above address since August 2008.
  14. Hi! We moved into our current house last August - previous to that we had a prepay metre that cost us maximum £50 a month. We have exactly the same appliances and computers etc and use the same number of rooms! We were told by British Gas that paying by DD would be cheaper so plumped for £40 a month - however when we moved to EON in May - British Gas read the metre and gave us a final bill of £746 - so August -May cost us just under £1200. £120 a month is just ridiculous, but I was pregnant and stupidly havent got round to doing something til now because I still owe British Ga
  15. Hi I checked, there is the normal definition for 'you', but not your car or anything of that kind. We will get back to them with what you have suggested and see what comes of that! Thank you
  16. thanks for your reply DX!! I claimed charges back a couple of years ago I think it was ( i got them back just before the big investigation halted them all, was about £800 and I paid it off my debts)..so no more to come from that avenue unfortunately. My creditors are, approx figures sorry as Payplan site appears down at the moment: - mbna £1300 - egg (via Morrcroft Debt Recovery) £950 - northern rock (via Pennine Debt recovery) £1500 - barclay credit card £500 - littlewoods £150 those are dealt with by Payplan and get £1 each a month. I got all these debts after 2002
  17. Hi I hope i can get some advice please! Almost 5 years ago I owed £15k on cards/loans etc (this wasnt the original amount - alot was charges etc, as I fell behind after a marriage split) Anyway in these last 5 years I have reduced the debt by £11k and so I owe £4k now. I am with Pay plan, and since I had my baby in March I have been paying £1/month to each of my 5 creditors, Pay plan have said that they have sent my new financial statements out etc, but I am still getting final demands, letters saying i have defaulted on the agreement, threats of court action, debts moving to new age
  18. Hi Everyone, this is my first post as I really need some advice please! While in France last week with my mum and my 4 month old baby we were reversed into by a French driver, while my mum was driving a hire car. We were on our way to the airport for a flight home, and needless to say the hooha of getting his info and informing the hire company etc led us to miss our return flight. We paid 250 euros for new return flights, and the 500 euros excess on the hire car (which we will get back when that is sorted) BUT Natwest Gold Insurance say we are not covered for the return fares as it w
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