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  1. This is a VERY OLD Welcome secured loan. It has been passed around at least 5 DCAs since 2010. It is now in the hands of Coast Finance Solutions who are really going for it. They have treated every letter we send as a separate complaint, so we now are very confused as to who to deal with. They insist it is a mortgage though we believe it comes under CCA 1974. We recently recieved SAR that is redacted to death! Haven't assessed it yet. Already have old SARs over the years. In a letter they state they can not produce the Notice of Assignment because it contains Commercially Sensitive material. Thanks for the speed of your reply DX.
  2. Is the existence of the Notice of Assignment important in the collection of a debt and, are there any reasons ie: Commercial Sensitivity, why the Notice of Assignment can not be seen by the debtor?
  3. Sounds as if you may have found something Dad? Good Look!!! Mark
  4. Resurect the Old Team? It would probably take Burke and Hare to arrange that. LOL. Most of them are probably Homeless or soon will be? LOL I`m up for anything M8! Will need all the help I can get soon enough. LOL I can also see a lot of PM`s coming up as well. At least until we find that Case Law? LOL Don`t want anything being looked at as actual advice. Do we? What do you mean by making seperate complaints now? Who to? Do you mean in Court? Regards to all. Mark
  5. Bloomin` Hell. Talk about `Blasts from the Past`!!! I have heard from FOS my self in the last week. Now the work begins! Waiting to hear what the **** have to say, will then have to reveiw everything I was ever told on here? I just hope I didn`t give any mis - leading info? If I did it was because I had information which in my naivety it was very easy to believe the information given had to be correct, and because I was looking for any way to stop paying these `Rip off Merchants`, and escaping thier clutches it was easy to get sucked in, as I am sure were the people giving the advice! I always double checked all info and advice given to me. The problem is that most of the advisors are just ordinary citizens like us. I have done so much research in the last 3 years I should know contract Law inside out. The problem is in my opinion, all the advice, from what ever source is and always will be open to personal interpretation. Also a hell of a lot of what we Caggers from a couple of years ago were being advised as fact as changed with recent Judgments and updates of various Guidelines. It is great to know that some of the Old Crew are still around. Even if it is not in the best of circumstances! I hope you are well BeBo and Beyond, etc? All the best to everyone. Mark
  6. Madeline please reply as soon as you can . With ALL the info you can muster. This is the Toppest of Top Notch Help you are being offered here. Use the advice. Help yourself now. Be positive and use this guys advice and you WILL have a Very Happy New Year. God Bless You and Yours MARK
  7. OH YEAH!!! I am in awe. Well done Wanna!!! You, are an Inspiration and I love you. LOL MARK
  8. Yes you are right Napoleon! Just caught my imagination running away with me (cue for a song)? for a minute. LOL Still they make enough [edit] to [edit] up any agreement. Always something to fight these [edit] on if you look.
  9. Might be good to follow up on whether MIF can be charged if you already have a mortgage with insurance. Would this not be allowed because it is a seperate secured loan? Food for thought on an old subject. If it is not allowed for this reason I wonder how it would affect the agreement? Apart from affecting all the sums, could it actually make the agreement unenforceable? MMMMMMMMMMMMM??????????????????? Cheers! Will look into this one.
  10. Yes! This thread is SO SO important!!! Wanna you must be commended for carrying this through. Well done M8!!! MARK
  11. We are in exactly the same situation as this. Do we fill in these forms and send them back? They require signatures and such, and if I understand it, the **** will be dealing with the returned forms!!! I don`t understand what happens to all the other complaints already with FOS when this form is filled in and signed, the FSCS are given all future legal rights with the account, they then as stated in the forms "Stand in Your Shoes"!!! What does that mean? I am also confused as to wether the paperwork we received is from FSCS asking for further info from us after receiving stuff from the Ombudsman, which will enable them to assess the claim. Or is it from the ****, trying to get us to sign and force everything to start from the very beginning again? Pulling the wool over everyones eyes in the process. Lots of phone calls in the morrow me thinks. I may be over complicating things for us but this is the **** *ucks we are dealing with. Cheers Mark
  12. Bumping!!! Waiting for the answer to Dads question???? cheers Mark
  13. No I was not aware of this. I will write to the Council and ask how many orders there are, how much each is for. Or would it be best to go in to the Council Offices or even phone them? You shouldn't wait for the Council, keep at them otherwise your mate will be knocking before you know it. No one from the Council rang back, so will have to wait till Monday now. armed with this brilliant advice the bailiff will get short shrift if he turns up here. He would have done anyway. This advice just re enforces things. I dont think he needs a Breakdown of fees because its already established the money transfer does not comply with legislation, he could use PT's non-£10 ACME letter and see the comeback. What letter is this please, is it an SAR or something similar? I have a letter already done from earlier last year when we borrowed money from the Mother in Law asking for a breakdown of their fees etc. I didn`t send it because I thought I would need the credit card receipts to back up what I was saying and Mum would n`t give me them. For a little clarity and alright a bit of sympathy would be OK at the moment guys (Sob, Sob). I suffer from severe Osteo Arthritis for which I receive a 60% War Pension. I can not walk far at all I am in constant pain. I alos suffer from Hydradenitis Supperativa ( you will have to look that one up) I was run over some 6 years ago which exacerbated all my afflictions. I am receiving treatment for mental health issues due to all of this and I am on some Heavy Duty Meds which also have some pretty grotty side affects. Oh yes, then there are the bladder problems, the enlarged prostate and high blood pressure etc. Apart from that I am Fit and Well. LOL. I have also just been diagnosed as having Sleep Apnoea ( That`s a great one. Honest!) So to say the least I am some what differently enabled. I was fit as *UCK all the way through my time in the RN. So I have found it all quite difficult to deal with at times. The worst thing is the meds. don`t make it easy for me to concentrate, they slow my mind right down, and I HATE that. Sorry, may be I shouldn`t have written that down, but it actually helps to do that now and again. AND I am no where near as bad off as some of the Lads and Lasses in the forces now. They are TRUE HEROS and are my inspiration for coping. Cheers all thanks for the help. MARK
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