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  1. Hi all, hope someone can help me, On the 17th I logged onto my online banking and the last £300 in my account was missing. There are2 payments which are paypal transactions to 'Aliexpress' which I looked up and they are apparantly a sister company to Alibaba.com I called Natwest who seemed thoroughly uninterested and told me it was impossible for someone to make a debit card payment online using my details as only i know the authorisation password. They said to call paypal then call them back. BTW- No transactions are showing on my paypal account Called paypal and got throu
  2. Hi thanks for clearing that up, I suspected after so many years with no contact or payment it would be statute barred especially after they sent 2 offers to him, the first to pay back a small percentage of the amount due and the second offered him an opportunity to bid for his debt to buy it back!! WHo on earth would want to bid for their debt? There's no CCJ that I know of... none showing on his credit report and we've never recieved notification of one in the post. Thanks for your response
  3. Hi My partner had a credit card with Lloyd's bank over 12 years ago. He cannot remember how much of this he paid off or even if he signed a credit agreement. We have not heard from lloyds or any debt collection agencies acting for Lloyds in over 10 years. Recently after moving address I have noticed numerous searches on MY credit report from Lowells, my partner has also had some from them on his also. Following this we recieved letters from Lowells chasing the Lloyds debt, making various discounted offers. We have not contacted them. Now they have gooten hold of our number and
  4. Hi, I bought a HP laptop last year and as a mid range model it was not cheap. Since buying it I have been having problems with the sound. At first the sound would cut out for no reason, but very rarely so it wasn't much of a problem but over the last few months it has gotten increasingly worse and now I only have sound around 5% of the time. As a result, I am unable to use the blu-ray dvd drive, skype, listen to music.... it's seriously reduced the laptop's functionality. I reported the problem to HP before the warranty run out and the first thing they had me do was update d
  5. Hey charger It was a good outcome as far as I can tell. The refund cleared my balance with them and I had a cheque for just over £200 sent to us. Entry was removed from my credit file and the car has been taken off the HPI register and is 100% ours now. No intervention from the FOS was needed. So we officially have nothing more to do with them which is good news. We would've had over a year left to pay if we hadn't recliamed the insurances so the difference it's made to our finances has been great. Good luck to all other caggers still battling, I wish you success xx
  6. Also if that is the case they are going to have to have a serious look at what you still owe them. All those fees shouldn't be on there and niether should the extra capitalisation if they have recieved all your payments. If your statements are not reflecting the payments you have made, then you must be (wrongly) on their records as being in serious arrears. Did Welcome never try and contact you to tell you this?
  7. sounds dodgy to me...if the money left your bank account and they haven't refunded it back then Welcome must have had it. Very interesting.
  8. Hi From looking at your statements it would seem that welcome have tried to take payments from your card. When they put the attempt through they credit your account. Now for whatever reason the payment hasn't been accepted which is why in the next line they have debited your account for the same amount of money. Hope that helps.
  9. Maybe this is relevent to you? Welcome Financial Services Ltd
  10. Hi recieved a refund from Welcome finance for PPI (and other insurances). 1 cca request, 1 template ppi letter and their dodgy questionairre is all it took. Had 4600 of it refunded on to my account from it (at my request) and £200 sent to me by cheque. Relieved to be rid of them! Good luck to all who are in the progress of reclaiming their PPI
  11. If you were to cancel your direct debit they would probably start calling at the cost of £10 a time and charging you returned direct debit fees BUT they would not be able to come and take your car as you have paid over a third. They would need a court order for this. In order for them to lower your monthly payments they would want to rewrite your loan which is not advisable unless you fancy spending the next 10 years paying off your car! On the bright side, you should be hearing about your ppi claim very soon if you're at the questionnaire stage
  12. Just out of interest... How many caggers on here feel they were refused a ppi refund due to filling out the questionnaire? And other than fester how many have had a refund/offer without filling out the questionnaire? I can only speak from my experience of course.... but I'm glad I filled it out. The whole process was relatively quick.... yeah I didn't get the extra £200 compensation that I would have gotten if i'd gone to the FOS...but I also didn't have to wait months and months for the FOS to sort it out. Good luck to all of you, whatever you decide
  13. I have.... and yes I did fill out the questionaire. No FOS involvement. so no I don't agree either. :-|
  14. Sorry but you have only made 36 x 190.57.... not 38. If you look at your statement you will notice when there is 2 direct debit transactions on the same day what has happened is they have credited your account but then the direct debit hasn't gone through so they've debited it back on.... does that make sense? For example before the 3/11/07 payment your balance was 454.53. They then tried to take the dircet debit and credited your account with 190.57 which made your balance £263.96. The direct debit failed to go through so they had to debit (add back on) the £190.57 that they had credit
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