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  1. Hi Andy, think I may have done something stupid today and shot myself in the foot but here goes. While I was sat in the waiting room at the court, the solicitor came out of a side room and asked me if I was the defendant. When I replied that I was she asked me to sit in the room with her for a little chat before the hearing. She asked me why I hadn't put in an amended defence and I informed her that it was only because I didn't receive the new Application until Saturday 2nd October. She was shocked at this and then asked me if I was still going to defend the case seeing as they have all m
  2. Hi Andy, the letter from the court was dated 29th September and I never received it until Saturday 2nd October which is unfair as that hasn't even given me a week to prepare anything for the hearing. Oh well, suppose I'll have to just face the music!!
  3. Hi Andy, what do you think may happen at the hearing then? Will I not be able to state that I never received any other documents? Regards, Rocker
  4. Hi Andy, the Applivation states the following: (1) That the Order of District Judge Buxton dated 27 July 2010 be suspended pending the outcome of the Claimant's application, and: (2) the Defendant's Defence be dismissed and there be Judgement for the Claimant against the Defendant pursuant to CPR 24.2(a) and (b) as the Defendant has no real prospect of successfully defending the claim nor has he demonstrated that he has a valid reason for defending the Claim and there is no other compelling reason why the case should be disposed of at trial. It also states that the Claimant will re
  5. Not quite sure Andy. The letter just quotes the following "The hearing of the claimant's application for The Order of District Judge Buxton Dated 27 July 2010 Be Suspended Pending The Outcome of The Claimant's Application (see copy attached) will take place at 12:00 on the 8 October 2010 at xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx.
  6. Hi, an update on this case. I have got to attend an hearing on Friday 8th October at my local Court, Natwest have dropped the case against the debt owed on the Personal Loan but are still pursuing the amount overdrawn on the Current Account which is roughly £6900 and I have received a letter from Cobbetts Solicitors today detailing their costs so far as to be approx £1300. I have no way of repaying this debt as I have been on long-term Incapacity Benefit for a number of years. What do you think the Court will do? Could I also contest the unfair bank charges that they applied to the a
  7. Hi Everyone, thanks to everyone that has given me some good advice regarding my case and I just wanted to give you all an update on the proceedings. Today (9th July 2010) I have received a large envelope containing the following letter from Cobbetts Solicitors: Dear Sir Our client: National Westminster Bank plc We refer to the above matter in which we act for the Claimant, and to the Order of District Judge xxxxxxx dated 8 December 2009. We enclose Amended Particulars of Claim. You will note that the Claimant has withdrawn that part of the its claim relating to the
  8. Hi, as yet have had no update, Cobbetts sent me another letter saying that I had until early April to accept their revised offer which I completely ignored as if they cannot provide me with the CCA then I surely have nothing to lose in fighting the whole claim.
  9. Hi all, I have just received a letter today from Cobbetts LLP as follows: "Dear Sir Our Client: National Westminster Bank plc We refer to the above Claim in which we act for the Claimant. Our Client is confident that it will be successful at trial or alternatively on an application to strike out of the Defence. However, our Client is willing to take a commercial approach towards this Claim and is accordingly prepared to accept the sum of £13,000 in full and final settlement of our Client's claim in the proceedings in the XXXXXXX County Court under Claim Number XXXXXXXX. Pay
  10. Thanks for that Andy, but the AQ that has come from Cobbetts also states the following: G Costs What is your estimate of your costs incurred to date? £300.00 What do you estimate your overall costs are likely to be? £4,500.00
  11. Hi all, new developments afoot!! I have received a letter from Cobbetts LLP today informing me that they have now taken the case over from Incasso LLP and enclosed a copy of their AQ which they have filed at court. They have stated the foolowing in their AQ: "By way of clarification, this claim relates tomonies owing under two accounts held by the defendant with the Claimant. The first is a flat rate Loan Account, number xxxxxxxx, sort code xxxxxx, and the second is an Advantage Gold Current Account, number xxxxxxxx, sort code xxxxxx. We respectfully request that the Defence be
  12. Hi Shakespeare, I ahve amended your CPR 18 request as advised and attached it for you and Andy to check over. Sample CPR18 request to post back up..doc I take it I have to send this to the solicitors ASAP, do I also send a copy of this to the Court along with the AQ? How do I ask permission to amend my defence? Please take a look and let me know what you think as time is not on my side now. Best Regards, Rocker
  13. Hi Shakespeare, I'm really confused now as the CPR 18 template mentions towards the bottom about sending this before I file my defence. I filed my defence a couple of months ago so is this too late? If not, who do I send this to? Do I send it to the court along with the AQ as I have previously asked for copies of the personal loan agreement which they still haven't sent me. I'm even more confused now. Regards, Rocker
  14. Thanks Shakespeare, I look forward to your examples. Regards, Rocker
  15. Hi Andy, I have only received bank statements for the current account and personal loan. I have not received a copy of the original loan agreement yet and it looks like I'm not going to get one now. Regards, rocker
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