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  1. I know i asked this earlier, but can I be blacklisted for trying to do this? Oh, and on the SAR, I assume I type my name at the bottom of the letter, but DO NOT put my signature on it?
  2. thanks everyone - see you in the Debt Collectors Forum
  3. Sorry about time delay - toddlers wait for no man! Thankyou SO SO much. Good to know there's still kind people out there! Right - i signed up with Experian. One job done. Ok - Egg - maybe only one late payment charge since 2005 (when agreement started) maybe more. Barclaycard - quite a few late payment charges. As for over limit penalties, i'm not sure. QUESTIONS: So i will do the SAR this weekend and post them on monday. Recorded Delivery? Is there any particular department which will take notice of such a letter. And i will remember not to sign the document! Are postal orders accepted by CCCs? Thankyou!;-)
  4. Hey, Stroke a badger. Thanks for the morale boost To everyone: Do you think anyone on here would be willing to be an unofficial 'Claim Buddy'? I'm so scared, and maybe someone willing to be a friend could help me. I know it's pathetic, but i just can't afford to get myself into a worse situation. I'm sure you guys all know what I mean! I'm just looking for someone to run things past who has been in the same situation, i.e. asking credit card companies for copies of my original agreement and checking to see if i could have a case for redress of balance/charges.
  5. oh gosh - i'm feeling really scared about all this - i've never been near a court in my life, and the thought of taking credit card companies to court....waaaaah! Anyway. None of my credit card accounts are in default. I have 2 - egg, and barclaycard. I'm still making payments and will continue to do so (i assume ?!). So i send a Subject Access Rights letter and wait for their response. And brick it in the meantime... Can they blacklist me for doing this?
  6. Thanks - Is there a step by step guide that i can follow?
  7. ok, so where on earth do i start if i am to try this myself? If i was to attempt this myself, couldn't the credit card company just blacklist me anyway? Thanks for your replies, folks.
  8. Thanks - i'm a bit scared of doing it myself in case i make a whole new world of financial mess to live in...... - The reason it sounds good to me is that you get your money back whatever, and solicitors do it for you. Do you think i'm being naive? Or is it just wishful thinking that something like this COULD actually happen, and i'd be better off?!
  9. I'm new so apologies in advance if i make any mistakes! Have been in contact with a company 'Core Management Services' claiming they can write of debt and reclaim interest from creditors if the credit card agreements were made before april 2006 (section 77/78 blah blah blah)- assuming they are flawed or that the creditors cannot produce the original document. They say i would have a case for sure if my balance had been increased without me signing a new CCA. They want £295, which they assure me I would get back, whether I have a case or not. I asked them how they get paid, they said they take a commission off the costs they would claim from the creditors, but no money from the redressed balance or interest charges won back by myself. The £295 fee is required for booking a court date. They say they would be able to tell me within 28 days whether or not i had a case. If not, money back. If i did have a case, 6-16wks for proceedings, money back at end also. I have had a look at the citizen's advice bureau website - they say some companies such as this are acting illegally by 'taking on' a debtor's debt. Core management services say this does not happen with them, the debt would, at all times, remain mine. They say i can pay the £295 anyway I want, but if i was to put it on my credit card, and i won, it would be like extra money due to the fact the court may rule in my favour. If it didn't, money would be refunded anyway (win or lose or no case). Their authorisation number correlates with the one on the Ministry of Justice website. They say my credit rating would not be affected, only bettered if i won. They say worst case scenario, i would just be in the position i am today. I hope i've made myself clear - not feeling particularly articulate today for some reason! Thankyou for any help and advice you can offer.
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